Sweating - Is it inflammation?

Hiya. I'm on HRT patches but when I flare up, I seem to be sweating an awful lot. I'm not sure whether any of you do have this problem?

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  • Hi this is my first go at this as I am a new member. I just had to respond as I have the same problem. I am passed the HRT patch stage but still have the problem with sweats especially when having a flare up. I would be really grateful for anyones advice. Poccas1. X

  • I had a double shot of Kenalog a couple of weeks ago. The sweating has eased off but not completely. I have long hair and I'm even thinking to have my hair cut short so to cool me down. It's not fun.

  • Hi I would like to mention that my rheumy consultant said my night sweats are caused by the rheumatoid flares. I have rushes and like hot flushes if that makes sense and had the blood tests for hormonal in balance and they came back negative so it must be all related to inflammation from the arthritis....from prairie x

  • My temperature appears to rise at night during bad times, although not to the extend of what you are experiencing. I also notice that I am hot during the day as well, the nights are hotter though.

  • Thank you very much for your comments, they are very helpful. I will ask my GP to check my hormone levels, I think that it's a good idea. I do sweat at night but also throughout the day. Sometime, my body is sweating and yet my hands can be cold. It's very uncomfortable and also embarrassing.

    Linda XX

  • Hi Linda,

    Sweats and palpatations are also a side effect of some DMARDS. Make sure you mention to your GP or Rheumatologist

    Mine have all but stopped now my meds have been changed and my RA is still very much active

    Wear layered clothing and I kept wet wipes handy

    I fully sympathise with how you feel, mine were happening very hour or so and I hated them. And there was simply nowhere to hide when they happened if I was out and then following that sweats, palpatations and nausea, I was so cold because my clothes were simply soaked. And these were almost like clockwork, every 90 mins. If I was at work and in a meeting, when it was my time to present, suddenly there I am red in the face, sweat dripping of my hair, just awful.

    As I said before, mine have now stopped since my DMARDS were withdrawn.

    On the plus, when the weather is cold you have your own central heating!

    I hope you have a better day- keep a fan handy too


  • This is not the menopause is it? I was on HRT patches for years and still had sweats as you describe. I think it needs more investigation from your GP.

  • Hi thanks for asking .Im 8years into menopause I can get no help from doc. I get hot flashes during the day night sweats too. After 8years I hoped it would have gone. Mentioned to doc asked for hormone check reply not need you haven't had period for 8 years. Mentioned to specialist same response but would do urine collection for tumour on gland even though she thinks its not that. I'm fed up with no help. It is very dif to live with being over heated and sweating.

    Take care all now I have vented

  • Hi,

    Not on HRT anymore but yes, I do sweat with a flare up - its a bit as if I have a fever. Not every time, but quite often in the night I have cold sweats and I think its the RA rather than menopause anymore (as I'm 65 now I hope I'm over that period of my life, scuse the pun!!)

    You could ask your GP when next you go, but I would think it's the flare up and not the HRT patch.

    Lynn x

  • i suffer from unbearable sweating, overnight my cushion (i'm not a pillow fan) with be soaked and the back of my head dripping. even doing hardly anything makes me sweat unbelieveably - my back is soaked and my hands hot and sweaty too! i knocked my arm yesterday in the shop and it hurt like hell and while i stood nursing it the sweat poured down my face!

    i don't know if this will help you,.but i was given gabapentin for nerve pain and it has made a huge diffence to the burning up and sweating - without it i'm soaked! its worth asking the gp to try it.

  • I know exactly what you are doing through. From my experience it is INFLAMATION linked. I was still taking sweats when I turned 60. Also at the same time I was diagnosed with RA. I went from the menopause straight into RA. For the first year I sweated to the extent that my bed was wet every morning. My hair was constantly clinging to my forehead. I was 'miserable' I can assure you. After that nine months I was put on humira, which I had to come off but the point is once I was started on the anti-tnf the sweats definatly became less of a problem. I am now down the road a bit and I still get the odd sweat at night mostly but that is because I have inflamation again. So, for me it is definitely inflammation linked. Hope that helps. My granddaughter brought me a lovely fan from her holidays in Portugal and I keep it beside me now all the time, it even goes to bed with me at times when I know I'm going to need it. Hope I was some help to you. X

  • I have night sweats, inflammation linked. Had them periodically for years on and off (more than ten). Was having a bad time with them once and had a steroid shot, and they instantly disappeared!!

    Good luck to you x

  • HI Linda, you might like to get the doc to check your thyroid while you are at it. I know sweats can be a sign of hyperthyroidism .... Just a thought and it wont hurt to do it at the same time as the hormones :)

  • I am also on HRT patches, i have been on them now for nearly 8 years, i also went though a really bad time as i couldn't take the tablets,

    It seem to of settle down a lot over the past 2 years, but when i got RA last year the problem seems to have come back, it is not as bad so i'm thinking that it could be the MTX i am on, but my GP blames the 4 steroid injection i have had over the past 5 months, I really hope you get it sorted, i remember i was hardly getting any sleep at one point with the feeling of ants running over my body it isn't a nice feeling at all.....xxxxxx

  • I believe i am passed menopause [I started early] I have RA and Ostio. Still many a day from chest right over the head I am dripping with sweat, It can happen twice a day sometimes when I take a hot drink tea, worse the second I have a sip of alcohol. glass in one hand towel in other cheers

  • Its such a terrible thing to have. Its good to hear that I'm not alone. Though I don't want to wish it unto anyone else. I have the same as tingling's very good description. Having to stand up in a queue is terrible, walking just doing anything and I go down in sweat. I will ask my GP and will report back. I hope it helps you all. Good luck everyone! Xx

  • hi, always best to check with your doc as everyone said there can be a lot of causes of sweating. i definitely sweat and get hotter when my inflammation is high, particularly at night. you can buy cold pillows that keep u cool i believe, but i haven't used one though they sound like a good idea. xxxxxx

  • Thank you allanah! will keep an eye open on cool pillow. I had my hair cut and this should also keep me cooler. I took a paracetamol earlier today when I was sweating a lot and it seem to have stopped the sweating. So I think that this is related to inflammation but I will discuss this with my GP.

  • I sweat early in the morning so bad that I have to get up and change tops. I only sweat in the upper part of my body and I hate that my back of my head is wet. I also is freezing cold sometimes. After the sun goes down I have to put on thermo underwear to prevent the chills. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't. It may be my thyroid that is too low and it could be the vasculitis after reading how all of you are having the same problem. Last time I had this vasculitis I didn't sweat. But it's worse this time.

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