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if it aint inflammation then what is it

Hi all

Went for a ultra sound today on my poor hands and foot

My hand feels tingly, and numb, kind of like the after effects of a bad nettle sting.

The consultant- whom I have never met before said....

I dont know why your getting pain cos there is no inflammation- not like the active synovitis activity from last June?

Why the hell does it hurt. He mentioned it could be damage that's been caused by the inflammation.

Can anyone advise me ?

Thank you xx

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Hi, sorry to hear that things don't seem to be getting sorted for you. Have you changed drugs recently, I have last week, at it is they that are being blamed for constant pins and needles in my hands,(horrible feeling) which started yesterday. Take care Jennyx


Tis a while since Jenny- Feburary 12, I changed to Leflunomide.

Yes indeedy , dreadful feeling.

Hope your feeling better xx


Oh that's annoying isn't it when you want the results to confirm things but they don't so you are left feeling as if you are imagining things? My hands are often as you describe - they are like that today but I over did things yesterday. I can never clench my hands tight any more and it takes about an hour to get them moving properly in the mornings but I've just resigned myself to this now. I am never sure if it's the RA or if it's OA because I have these hard nodes that sprung up last year on my finger joints that the rheumy said were wear and tear.

My thumb joints are very achy these days at the base of my thumb but I'm assuming this is also the wear and tear as there is no sign of swelling. When I had the telemed consultation I was really hoping they would use and ultrasound device to test for inflammation because I don't think it shows up with me but they didn't. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon but I think that's the whole thing of RA - it does it's rampaging through the inflammation and then we are left in some pain usually where it's been?

My hands ache to a greater or lesser extent all the time now but it doesn't seem to be of interest to the medics so I guess it's just what I have to get used to - must be OA? But then my ESR has been up at between 50 and 62 so where is the inflammation if it's not visible? Sorry to waffle. Have you tried rubbing olive oil onto them and then putting latex gloves over and wriggling in hot water? My physio suggested this and it does relieve them a lot I find. Hope you get some relief soon. Tilda x


Your not waffling hun, were all in the same ship!

If we cant have a grumble then what can we do.........bit short of time at mo, more later...til then xx


Could be carpel tunnel, or something mechanical? I often get tingly fingers and put it down to sleeping in odd positions... And if you've had bad inflammation then the swelling will have pushed nerves and tendons around, so hings could be out of place? Keep nagging till you get answer as if it hurts then it's real no matter what they say. Polly


Yes Polly, but need to get to the cause of this, speak more soon- short of time at mo x im hen pecked at the mo ohhh ehhhh


I have this condition, In my case it feels like tingling, burning, pins and needles in my hands and feet, originally my Neuro wasn't sure what it is, and gave me a muscle type drug to try to treat it, it seemed to calm it down for a while, but not completely, In my research about symptoms in RA Which I also have as well as Fibro, I went to my Rheumy and found this IS one of the Symptoms of RA, I know how aggravating it is to experience this, I am now receiving another drug to treat that symptom which is Amitriptyline 10 Mg It is used for Nerve pain (unlicensed use) and it has helped, but it is an antidepressant and I already take a different type of that already, I dont seem to have the symptoms much any more since i have been on it, and I stopped the muscle relaxer the Neuro gave me, I hope this may help you a bit. Lisa X


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