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Hi, Everyone, I've been reading your posts for a couple of weeks since I was diagnosed with RA and having just read Lucy's post thought that I would jump in.. Although I have only just been diagnosed I have had pain in my joints for the past 20 years, sometimes taking myself to the GP and being told that I have to learn to live with it (but never actually getting a diagnosis for "it") but most of the time just getting on with it. Anyway, I now live in the Middle East for some of the year and when I saw my doctor here and told him about the sometimes excruciating pain in my feet, I was at last taken seriously even though the considered diagnosis was something completely different (which as a former nurse, I agreed with). But when I had an MRI this showed something different to what we were expecting and that was when I was sent off for blood tests. Two weeks later I was told that I had RA. I think that I have been in shock for two weeks and am just now dealing with it. I have started taking Hydroxychloroquine which of course takes time to work so have yet to see any improvement.

Here in the Middle East at least I don't have to wait for weeks or months to see a Rheumatologist but there are other challenges! Although most of the doctors speak very good English, women are considered to be very much third class citizens with most being accompanied by the man in charge of their life. The doctors are used to talking to the man rather than the patient, making it very difficult to question them. So the Internet is my new best friend at the moment although I have a very good English doctor who has helped me to see things a bit more calmly.

So that's me up to date more or less. I hope that I haven't bored you all too much and perhaps my experiences here in another culture may be of interest to others.

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  • Hi Barrister, Welcome to our forum you will always receive good advice and support,In fact i have just told Lucy if she needs first hand advice me an Fran can fly out the minute the boarding passes arrive, And we can certainly do the same for you all I have to do is cancel all my appointments for the next two months.Mattcass

  • Thanks Matt, although I'm not sure you would like it much at the moment! Although its about 25 degrees today we have had torrential rain and some flooding for the past 5 days. I've been reassured that this is unheard of for this time of year so am eagerly looking forward to the return of the sunshine. Clemmie.

  • Hi Clemmie, we certainly dont mind if you want to leave it till July would we need much sun tan lotion.Mattcass

  • Matt, I think you will need quite a bit lol. This is my first summer here so i dont really know what it will be like but I'm told that the temperature reaches 45 degrees or more.

  • Hi Barrister, I hope the sunshine will help you with the pains.

  • Thanks DWhite,, the warmth certainly makes a difference. Clemmie.

  • Hi clemmie,welcome to this site. You will learn so much from the brilliant guys on here. I also take hydroxy,with me it only took a short time to kick in. I've had no problems with it but some have so be very careful in the sun. I've got lots of sun cream so unlike matt,I'm good to go!!!! x

  • welocme to the site x

  • HI Clemmie,welcome to this brilliant site xx

  • Hi and welcome.

    A great support network on here, the people are amazing!

    I must admit when I logo to my laptop to work, the first thing I do is check the site now!


  • Hi Clemmie, welcome to the family!These guys are great with advice, understanding & support just when you need it. hope the drugs bring relief. Love Alison x

  • Hi and welcome to the site x

  • Hello, *waves frantically* !


  • Hi and welcome to the best site ever !!

    Wendy xx

  • Hiya I'm sorry you have had to join this site, But it is a great site and we will always be here for you, no matter how far away you are, I hope you start feeling the benefits soon Shirley XX

  • You will always find a friend here clemmie, welcome x

  • Totally agree with the other Wendy (great name btw!!) THIS IS the best site......lovely bunch of peeps!!

    Im new too!!


  • Hello new people,

    I've been a member of this blog site for a good few months now and it's absolutely brilliant :-)

    I've learned so much about RA from fellow sufferers which has helped me cope better, and there is always a light hearted thread as a couple of you have just been a part of ! Some weeks ago we built an entirely healthy body free of RA by adding the disease free parts of our own bodies, it was great fun.

    So, a big welcome to all new members, the more the merrier :-) June xx

  • Hi sniff.. Welcome this great site..sniff, glad its internet you won't catch my cold when I send u cyberhugs xx Axx

  • Hello Barrister, grand to hear from you. It will be good for the rest of us to hear how the other half lives lol. If you have any questions, concerns, mood swings, problems of any sort pertaining to RA this is the site for you. We are all the same on here. We are all just trying to get through every 24 hours living with this insidious disease as best we can and to help others to do the same.

    So welcome and I know we all hope you will take part in the discussions. All the best. Jeans belle.

  • Hello. Hope this site really helps you too. So good to hear from others living outside UK and to learn how things differ. We all have our problems & dark times so you can place yours here.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you to everyone who has made me feel so welcome. Clemmie

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