Are you interested in taking part in an NRAS focus group?

We are looking for people who are not currently members of NRAS to come along to a focus group on Wednesday 18th January at 2pm at our offices in Maidenhead to help us look at ways in which we can attract new people to the Society and in what ways people would like to be involved. Please email if you would like to take part. Thank you!

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Hi TraceyH

and all the hu bloggers, I can say with conviction that if you have not joined NRAS please consider enrolling with them, they have a wealth of knowledge and an A -Z cardex of people to call for help and advise if they don't know the answer.

if you are unable to commit the joining fee, we all know how expensive being sick is!! NRAS will still be there to help you, they have councillors and consultants at hand and a library of booklets that cover subjects like claiming benefits, understanding the DAS score and many others. I joined 2 years ago and have had advise by booklet and email and i'm pretty sure i'll be calling on them again this year.

Thankyou NRAS

Tricia P xx


Thank you for your lovely comments Tricia-P!

I should point out however, that while we do have a team of medical advisors they are all working in their own clinics not here in the NRAS office, and we will only contact them with a specific query when we think it is appropriate. It's also important to note that our helpline team are not trained counsellors, but we are here to offer emotional support and information. We will always try to help, or signpost you to an organisation that can.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate

NRAS Helpline


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