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Different Champix or something else?


I take Champix to relieve the withdrawal symptoms. For the first time I ordered it from one pharmacy, for the second time I bought it from another online pharmacy. The second batch (bought from ok-pharmacy. com) seems to be more effective. It is now much easier to deal with all those symptoms and cravings. Can it be that the drug differs somehow or it is just my body that is more stronger now?

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Hi Jmit..Welcome and very interesting observation....I also used Champix to quit and so far very successful.

If both is made by Pfizer I doubt that one batch can be more effective...You do not say how far you are in your quit and whether you are one the 0.5 milligram or 1 milligram dose.

Definitely your body getting used to the lesser nicotine and therefore feels easier.!!


Thanks for your reply Hercu!

Yes, both batches were of Champix are produced by Pfizer, simply from different vendors.

It is now the 25th day I quited and the 39th day I take Champix. I started with 0.5mg and increased the dose up to1 mg gradually. It is now the 10th pill from the new batch (I buy per 28 tablets) and it is really easier to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.


Very glad to hear and congratulations !! Champix was very good for me and without doubt the reason for my almost 5 months success.

I had a slight knock, Not cravings, when I stopped with the Champix but lasted only few days. Beyond that I am a very happy ex smoker !!


Hi Hercu

Glad for you!

How long have you been taking Champix?


Hi Jmit....Sorry for late reply ....Africa internet?????...I was using Champix for 12 weeks..


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