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Starting out on the road again

Hi everyone. My name s Marie, 57 years of age and embarking on my 4 the quit attempt. I know I have to do it this time because I want to and need to for my health. Recently diagnosed with PAD and I am scared of what could happen. Taking champix although they are making me feel very sick, I am going to stick with them. Quit date is tomorrow which will be my 9th day on them, but could be today the way I am feeling great to read all your stories

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Welcome Marie, delighted you've made the decision to go again and to join us. I think all of us here have had many attempts and fails before. You are not on your own. I'm on day 12 and I'm also taking the champix. If it is any consolation, I felt very sick, nauseous and even vomiting with champix, it all stopped once I stopped taking the night pill. I take the one in the morning and skip the night one. Talk to your Gp about it, don't make that decision without running it by a medical person. Wishing all the best for tomorrow, it is bloody hard to go through the first days, but you've been there before. You know you can do it ;)


Hi Demay, how's your day 1 going?


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