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day 5 - worst so far

Hello all,

So it has been day 5 today and i think its been the worst day for me yet. I just feel this low level of annoyed today, not so much i lash out, like im able to smile my way through it and be rational. I also keep getting this sinking feeling almost like when you just get some bad news that 'oh my god' in the pit of your stomach. Im trying not to dwell with it and trying to move myself on as quickly as possible.I wonder if anyone else has felt this way?

I was thinking about alcoholics as well today and appreciated that feeling they must feel when they think 'oh my never going to drink again' the fear, the uncertainty. their whole way of life now an alien concept and walking through the ibis of uncertainty. I know that sounds a little dramatic lol but as ex smokers we have all these unanswered questions.

Looking back at old posts of mine from my last quit i think i was feeling crummy for about 3 months off and on and there is a post somewhere at about the 3 month and a half mark where i say 'not had a single craving in 3 weeks' and i still remember the first time i realized i hadn't thought about smoking all day. now that is why i am doing this so i can use my brain for better things than craving cigarettes lol

good luck all...moan done! xxxx

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Oh yeah – I remember the sinking feeling, that horrible empty pit in the stomach that nothing could reach. In fact I tried desperately to fill it with food, then some more and finally after one last handful of whatever was left in the fridge, I washed it all down with a couple beers :p Sadly that went on for a few days and although got me through the day, it also left me with these 5 extra pounds, that now surround that awful pit in my stomach!! :eek:

But in all seriousness, it will go away – just need to switch up your routine a bit, get outside as much as possible and just breathe nice fresh air, sleep if you can, watch I Love Lucy reruns or just pour your frustrations out to the walls or your dog, if your lucky enough to have one.

After 3 months, I still have those days once in a while, but they are far and fewer between and yes, although annoying, they do get easier. Tomorrow will be a better day, your doing the right thing and you know it :)


Hang in there Nikki, you know from the last quit that it does get better but you need to stay trong during this awful faze of early withdrawel and then fight the mental part of craving from then on. You need to stay focused on the goal. Good luck to you.


I know that feeling of 'nothing will be the same again' - I'm on day 4 and feel the same as day 2 and 3. Day 1 was a euphoric high of knowing I'd made the decision to stop smoking and I didn't feel too 'cravy' as I was just happy to be telling those close to me that change was beginning. Days 2,3 and 4 have been a bit of a nightmare, trying to distract myself but feeling all that's going to soothe me right now is a coffee and a cigarette! It feels like I've lost something really crucial to my day, something that created a bridge from bits of the day to the next. I work from home, so my coffee/cig breaks were really a big part of my thought processes and routine. Without that to look forward to every hour or so I'm so sad, like I'm arguing with myself all the time..."Oh, I'd love a cig right now"...."Well, don''ve stopped!"...."I know, but...." and so on and so forth. Anyway, I hope it gets easier (I thought wine would replace the treat for me of an evening but that's a rubbish hard to light!)


Jillyhoo....I feel your pain and that huge feeling of something is gone..........missing forever......

Yes days 2 to 10 is the Argue stage where your brain will tell you that you only need 1 cig and everything will be OK.

This is why the call it Hell and Heck weeks and you must stay strong..... !!!

Get busy doing something different....Change your home office around, Put your PC or Laptop on the other side of the desk.

Clear out the old filing cabinet and instead of coffee have a nice cup of green tea......and be very very strong !!!


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