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First week into Month 2

Yippeeeeeee........another milestone reached: It is 5 weeks already !!!!! and on the doorstep of month 2

Between weeks 3 and 4 there was a Huge difference in how I felt as a newborn non smoker.

It was like waking up to a new world... without being dependent on a stinking chemical to get me threw the day. It was so rewarding

Between these weeks I went from "Sorry Sammy" to the old confident myself and felt so proud that I could overcome the habit for 4 weeks.

And now week 5 is behind me.... passed in a jiff; I did not even do all the things I wanted to do and feeling seriously chuffed with myself.

I am so blessed that the cravings is not that strong.

The pocket full of Hazel nuts or peppermint sweets is working for me.

Constant reading of what is actually happening to me and why my body and brain is responding the ways it does....Knowledge is power !

The first best thing I did was joining this forum and understood the fact that I am not the only "poor guy" that is suffering whilst quitting......

The next best thing was following Melli's posts eagerly and try to find the supplement to enhance the Dopamine release in my brain

(Got a slap on the fingers when I suggested the wrong ones ;))

Third and continuing I start reading on what to eat to overcome the smoking habit. (Cost me a trip over three countries to get hold of some ingredients)

There is so many advantages in a healthy diet.

It really was fun in my house hold the past 5 weeks.... I quit smoking and my wife (Non smoker for past 8 years after hart attack) went on a strict diet.

Imagine the "growling and barking" :rolleyes: at each other when we both got a little bit itchy (I really think going on a diet has the same symptoms as stop smoking) LOL

But since we are married for 37 years, we are used to each others short comings and moods ....Good or bad we have always supported each other.

I have made piece with the fact that over 38 years I poisoned my body and brain just to have that "False Euphoria" to cope with life's difficulties.

But watch me from now on...... I have got things to do!!!! was on the great wall in China..... still need to see the Great Barrier Reef (Cradle of life) and the Salmon Run in Canada

And you know what is the best of all? I can take the 14 hour flight without worrying of where and when I am gonna smoke again ( :p This ones for you Nicodemon !!!!)

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Oh sooooo proud of you,...

i am in respect of you new enthusiasm for life, and yes you hit the nail on the head...i believe that dieting can be so like stopping smoking because the pleasure from eating will also cause the big dopamine rush and if we have a bad habit of a nice yummy snack, every few hours....just like smoking, it becomes addictive and when we stop.....wooah, no please, no motivation because we really upset the dopamine need to help your wife with the same advice for sound like you got your dopamine going good...dopamine is also the key to will power...if we keep the motivation and happiness and pleasure high, the will power is high, when we become sad and low dopamine, flat etc, our determination will fall and we have no will power.....

keep up your fantastic work my friend, keep us updated and well done..:)


Hi Melli Thank you so much..... You are a Big..Big.....Huge ... Inspiration

Your posts woke me up and showed me there is life after quitting.

Wish every body suffering whist quitting take your advise and get that Dopamine levels up...

It worked for me........

Thank you once again.....


Oh yes on the diet, I thought so :)......Only baddy is that all the nice foods to boost dopamine levels is taboo ......

But we will get threw with this.......

Thank you once again.


well Hercu, my husband who appears to have naturally high dopamine levels...all the time..(lucky man!!) suggested that he pin me down and "tickle" me for 10 minutes 20 times a day (laughter is one of the biggest ways to release dopamine in big amounts ) if my herbal tablets didnt work......i hate being tickled even though it makes me laugh, so im glad the tablets worked.!!...He absolutely does not believe the herbal tablets did anything, he believes that i re established my own dopamine and "zest" etc, just by believing the tablets would do it....and yes there is alot of research to suggest that could well be true...mind control with dopamine is apparently easy one you get the hang of it...thats my new


2 Months! You rock! It's great that your partner is supportive through this. Stay strong :)


Hi Sami

Thank you once again.


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