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Week 5 down.

Canwes1000 Days Smoke Free

Just making the transition into week 6 this evening. I have to say week 5 was the easiest so far but the weight is packing on, lol. Guess I like the taste of food better now. Just have to cut back on the yummy crap snacks during tv and that should help quite a bit. Anyway, certainly not beating myself up for it, it's only a few pounds and I anticipated some weight gain that I know I can knock off a little later in this process. It's all about choices.

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You're really getting there now. Well done x x

Well done you :)

I found around weeks 5/6 that my crazed eating frenzie seemed to fizzle out and some of the extra pounds dropped off without me noticing so you are right to not worry about them for now :)

Good thinking Canwes. The not smoking is the priority right now.

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