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Nearing the end of my champix course and still have regular daily 'craves'?

I am now 10 weeks into my champix course and considering the end. On the .5mg x 2 daily I was OK, when I increased to the 1mg x 2 daily and after about 3 days I went though 4 days of intense withdrawal - the tummy cramps, the sleepiness, intense anxiety, trance etc... so much so that I couldn't drive during this time, in fact I couldn't do anything so I basically I tried to sleep through it.... after about 3 weeks I started to feel better although still feeling high anxiety (ie. evil butterflies in my tummy).

The butterflies have now settled (by about 8 weeks in) and I feel more relaxed but I am still getting regular 'craves' throughout the days. Some of these 'craves' are very strong. I have been doing a massive amount of reading about people's experiences ending the champix course. Some end it as directed whilst others cut down. BUT a lot of those who have ended the course (either early or on time) say they have done so having been a couple weeks with no withdrawal symptoms at all.

This is the hint: if on champix and still experiencing any kind of withdrawal, think carefully before deciding to end the course....

I believe that many of the symptoms attributed to champix are withdrawal symptoms....champix does make me queasy etc.... BUT being off the ciggies is well worth it - after all, it's only a few weeks of my life compared to the future not smoking....:)

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Hi, celestine, not sure on champix but maybe have a word with your GP, doing fantastic



I'm certainly still having the 'craves', Celestine. Unsure if that's what they actually are. I suppose fleeting thoughts which can trigger a physical response. As I mentioned in another post I'm on .5 mg each day and I did expect to still get desires, no, thoughts of desires, to smoke once coming off it, as I did the first two times and wasn't prepared for the strength of those thoughts. This time, I hope I am prepared. We shall see. I intend to stop the champix completely next week.


I'm still getting thoughts about smoking, though I don't think I'd call them craves more a physiological want. Sometimes it's a strong urge others just a passing thought. Nicotine is a strong addiction and for me a long time habit so I accept that it may take sometime before I stop thinking about smoking. I am certain that day will come for all of us, we just have to stay strong. Your doing great.


I don't know anything much about Champix, as I went CT, but it does sound like your thinking about stopping and have some concerns of how it might be for you. I suppose your the only one that can decide if your ready or not to take that step, and I just want you to know, we'll be here for you either way:) Of course Tracey is right and maybe some reassurance from your GP or quit Nurse might help make your decision easier. It sounds like your right on track though, so stay strong and really believe in yourself because your really doing great!!!

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