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Ct, champix, patch, inhaler, ect

Have been thinking about my quit, as in my past smoking life, I could never have imagined life smoke free.

What I have learned ( at least for me) is the fact without my initial choice nrt, in patch form , I would never ever have got so far.

Indeed for me I tailored the advised 12 week course to suit me it took slightly longer than the allocated time, but results speak volumes over a year quit.

So for all who are using nrt in whatever form, stay strong, tailor your method, after all it's not a race, we are all here for the same result, now that's fantastic

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So true Tracey it's not a race and we all need to do whatever it takes to stay quit. I take my hat off to you for keeping your resolve through this difficult time for you.


Absolutely, no race, less pressure - it takes as long as it takes.... :)


Lovely post Tracey, I was a slave to the patches for many of my quits and this time I got off of them after 6 weeks and it has defo helped me, as you say, everyone is different xxx


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