Day 2

Well not sure where my day 1 post went that I did yesterday eaten by the cyber gremlins I guess but basically I put myself back to day one after a third relapse and that was my penance devastated I was 17 days gone but I'm on day 2 and still holding strong plus finally got my results they was pre-cancerous cells they removed and nothing more serious just another test in 6months to check but relieved to see in in black and white so now to get extra healthy with not smoking, excercise vitamins and fresh air, well may manage 1,3 and 4 but think number 2 may take a bit more motivation :-) just glad to finally have some answers and counselling booked for next Tuesday too so fingers crossed the healing can begin xx

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  • How fantastic, to get great results, and I,m guess it's a wake up call, that indeed we do have to take stock, a great motivation to help you quit, but you can quit, you can.

    So pleased all is well for you now and your ready to move on.!!!

    Please post often, even when thoughts are bad.

    I look forward to your future posts

    So pleased all s well

  • Hello

    Great news about the results. You sound like you can focus now. Really behind you, never really appreciated it fire recently but health really is very important. Never been one for exercise but trying!!! Not a good advocate because I am currently struggling with massively sore and inconvient back pain oooouch 😜😜

  • Bit of a sigh of relief there shelly! Really pleased for you x

    I can vouch for the awesomeness of fresh air - I walked a LOT early days of my quit, and now I'm doing tons of gardening and running as well, and it's very uplifting just to be Out There. :)

    Good luck and keep saying Nope xx

  • That's great about your results Shelly, well done on your quit! You have already gone through the early days - chances are that monster is still half asleep :)

  • Great news so pleased for you. I am sure your quit will be easier now

  • .......and breathe.

    Catch your breath, treat yourself to something special, and it's onwards and upwards :) x

  • Hello

    How's it been going?

  • Hi thanks for asking it's still going strong, though I must admit it's hard I'm still peeved at throwing 17 days away but I'm sure as the days build again I will feel better , I've still got an app running from the first quit so it's kind of an inspiration as I can see where I'm going if that makes sense, been very busy catching up with work as had a lot of time of sulking over results but feeling positive this is going to happen xxx

  • It will get easier shelly, really it will. Think of your previous quit as a practice run. I've got faith in you lovely. You've stuck around and talked things through, that's a good sign that you mean business in my book :)

    We're right behind you x

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