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Yesterday had really evil butterflies in my chest all day....decided to sleep it off....

Today not so bad but the evil butterflies are still fluttering.... wasn't going to let them beat me though - I played my music, exercised, mediatated, deep breathing, did some gardening, drank some milk through a straw, crushed up some hula hoops and nibbled, did some nicotine research on-line.... had a catnap.

I believe this is 'the feeling really anxious' bit of the withdrawal? Although I know a ciggie would relieve the feeling nicely but champix is stopping me.... good old champix - because I know that if I had a ciggie it wouldn't make a jot of difference :)

Hopefully, ride it out for another couple of days and these evil butterflies will be banished... at least for most of the time....

I hope....

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Those evil anxious restless feelings I remember them well. I think I had them for the first 3 weeks then they got a lot less. Just hang on there your doing great

Poor you, sounds horrid. I can remember unconsciously stuffing my hands in my mouth, the anxiety stage does go, I promise. Keep going, you are doing so well :) x

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

Is it weird that I quite liked the butterflies? I think I was associating them with the fact that I was in fact winning. But then I tend to be a little miss bright side!

Sounds like you're doing all the right things to deal with the evils Celestine, grand job :) Squish those butterflies with whatever you can find lovely x

Thanks so much for all your support - Incy, I have also been trying to associate the 'butterflies' with pleasant feelings but not working at the moment.... will try some more relaxation exercises today.

My hubbie was smoking this morning and I could smell the smoke but it didn't encourage me to take a puff (at least not this morning) - so I think that's a good sign. Stitches out today and cafe and coffee - a milestone - will carry my ecig :)

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