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Hi, I have been hovering here for a few weeks, until today I have the confidence to join and post - having read many threads and found your replies so supportive and encouraging.

I am 5 weeks into my course of champix and now have maybe a couple of puffs of a ciggie every now and again to remind myself that a ciggie does absolutely nothing for me.

It's good to be here with others who understand what a monster nicotine and the habit of smoking can be.

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  • Hi Celestine :) I've got no experience with champix but I know others here have used it and found it helpful. Sending you a big warm welcome, and I can really recommend posting often and reading all the advice and experience there is to find - I read like one possessed at the start of my quit, all the success stories, lists of health benefits and whatnot. Good luck! Xxx

  • Thank you so much for your warm welcome. Yes, reading as many posts as I can - good advice. Is there a champix forum? Is there a success forum? I couldn't find anything specific in one place x

  • I think there's a room for people using 'quitting aids' of all kinds. And i think there's a success stories one, too - have a mooch around :)

    How's your day been?

  • Thanks Incy Wincy, I'll have a look at groups - didn't know about groups - thank you.

    Lots of deep breathing and relaxing :)

  • Hi Celestine, welcome and come on in. It is a wise move to join the forum, support is wonderful and everyone in the same boat. I have also found myself thinking of chums on here when I have felt my resolve slipping....

    Have you set a date to stop?

  • Thank you for your warm welcome Hattie.

    No stop date - I am letting my body tell me when I am ready - my aim is around 8 weeks puff free but I feel it's going to be sooner. x

  • Good for you!!

  • Hello and welcome. You have made the right decisions both to quit smoking and join this forum. The road to freedom may be rocky sometimes but it's well worth the journey. Just remember the mantra NOPE not one puff ever. Good luck, keep strong and keep posting.

  • Thank you Spanisheyes, you are right, not even a puff when off the champix otherwise I will destroy all the good. Deep breaths....

  • Hello Celestine. All the best with your quit. I am on my third quit with champix. The first time I stopped smoking two weeks in. My health practitioner advised I was doing so well at 6 weeks of not smoking that I could tail of the champix.....bad decision. Two weeks later I was smoking again. Second time I got to 14 weeks but had stopped the champix at 12 weeks. I just was not prepared for moving from champix support which certainly helped, to doing it on my own. I have never needed nicotine replacement with champix.

    So, this is my third champix supported quit. I actually set a quit date 3 weeks into taking champix and failed completely, but had reduced a hell of a lot. I was deeply disappointed, but then, similar to you, I eased up on myself, and decided I would stop when I stopped. From thereon in, I reduced, reduced, reduced and one day, five weeks into champix, didn't have any cigarettes. I was amazed. Then a second day, a third day..............and now coming up to eight weeks.

    Coming on here, posting, being supported, reading other people's posts has helped enormously. You have to create your quit in the way that works for you. I've gone on there! Just to wish you well.

  • Thanks so much Walkabout, your experience sounds very similar to mine. Starting again at 14 weeks is a shame - did you know you can continue on champix for another 12 weeks? This is what i intend to do. Also, you can keep a packet of champix in the cupboard and (after 24 weeks) if you feel low and craving you can take a top up tablet? Some are taking around 3 tablets a week up to a year. This is possible because champix has a half life of 10 - 52 hours so quick and long acting :)

    I also tried champix a few years ago and reduced to 6 ciggies a day (after 3 weeks) without noticing but this time I have had severe withdrawal symptoms - at least this reminds me champix is working...:)

  • Thanks for this Celestine. To be honest I wasn't aware of the half life with champix. I was intending to ask for a further prescription but I seem to be okay for now. I'm now cutting the champix back to every other day. I might just stop it completely after Wednesday coming and keep the remainder just in case. I'm doing a running programme and that is helping with keeping me from dwelling too much on smoking. And even though I think about smoking, I'm not. I have to keep reminding myself of this. And there's a smoker in my home!

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