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25 days down


I'm into my 26th day smoke-free, just. It's going okay. There are still times when I need something, thinking it's a cigarette, but I'm okay not to have one. I'm still thinking this might be the champix helping me along, and I will have to face stopping that in the not too distant future.

The last time I stopped for any length of time 2 years ago I did the Couch to 5k running programme, now called the 5k Runner, and got to just under the 5km when I started smoking again. Yesterday I committed to doing a 10k run in mid-July, with friends. Why?????? I have never run 10k, but the finishing point is in the Olympic stadium in East London, which will be an amazing experience. I've paid my registration fee. I believe I should be able to do this. So, I've started the 5k Runner programme again tonight. The run in July is my challenge. If I smoke again, I'll fail :eek:

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Well done 26 days is great going. You are brave signing up, I admire you getting something to focus on. Good luck x

Good luck with training, great to focus on something positive :) x

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

C25K rocks! I'm doing it too - my first time, I'm nearly at the end of week three, running still hurts a bit I won't lie, and I haven't stuck my neck out far enough to sign up for any races, but good for you! I think they do a 10k app too though? Just in case you weren't aware...Good luck training :)

Done some 10k runs when I was smoking :o fastest time was 50.13 Blackpool fun run on the prom. Im now doing 5k runs on a treadmill at my gym its not easy but im slowly building my speed and will extend the distance to 10k in the next couple of months.

If this goes according to plan (fantasy) I'll go along to my local 5k Park Run on Saturday mornings, and in theory move onto the 10k runner app. Good to see some other runners out there.

Brian - that 10k time is very good, yes? Especially when smoking. I found about two weeks after I'd started smoking again my 5k was not a pleasurable experience at all.

I've just posted a response to people's comments and it's not here. It's even registered on the 'today's posts' list. Where has it gone.

My plan (fantasy) is to do some local 5k Park Runs and if I get through the 5k Runner move onto the 10k App, which should all mean I'm close-ish to having run a 10k before the big day.

Brian - 50.13 is very good for a 10k run, yes. Impressive.

You won't fail, you have the determination to make this your final quit, I for one have every faith in you :)

Thanks Donna, and I in you. And look after your post yesterday, the one about feeling empty at times, you're still with this! I'll look out for how you're doing today.

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