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3 weeks reached


I'm 3 hours into my 22nd day and in a new room. Whoop, whoop! It's been a breeze..................and force gales from time to time. I believe I should be in this room until the evening of the 6th April. My stats:

£s saved: 189 (£9.00 a pack although the shop next to my work place charges £10.00 - tourist route and desperate measures outlet)

Carbon monoxide level: 3 (I don't know if I can get any lower living in a big city)

Cholesterol level taken this week: 4.4, down from 5.7 one year ago. I know that reduction is not from stopping smoking for 3 weeks, but it is through effort in reducing, and reducing alcohol (apart from red wine). Now I've got to reduce the sweet stuff below.

Clean smelling homes: 1

Whiter than white eye balls: 2

Morning hacking cough: 0

Stale smoke smelling clothes: 0

Hours slept in 21 days: loads

Chocolate, cakes, puddings eaten: too many to count

Exercise done: Not enough

Overall rating: Success :cool: :cool: :cool:

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Weight increase: 5lbs. In 3 weeks!!!!!:eek::eek:


Congratulations ! About the weight...after the 3rd into the 4th week, I actually stopped eating like a pig... by the beginning of the 2nd month I was pretty much back to normal, just the odd treat every so often.

We eat loads and rubbish to compensate for the dear friend that died (fags)...but you will see after the 3rd week, you won't even think about it for the most of the days, therefore there's nothing to compensate.

I also put on about 5lbs on the first 3 weeks...but it's worth it if you can stay off the fags.

I use it as a motivation tool as well, I keep trying to reason with myself " Since I have already put on the weight, how sad would it be to go through all of this and end fat & still smoking?!"

Well Done!

nsd_user663_58050 in reply to Hidden

I'll watch out for this. I cannot just keep putting on the pounds though. I've been here before. I like the reasoning you use. Fat and smoking; mmm, lovely.

I've put on stacks of weight, but am not smoking. Never mind, can always diet when quit is in a safe place :) x

Absolutely right. I'll start more exercise soon.


:) agreed & subscribed :)

Fantastic 3 weeks done I'm there too. We can celebrate together xx

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free

We can all take comfort! I read yesterday that you'd have to put on 5 STONE to equal the risks of smoking. So five pounds is GREAT :D

walkabout, I LOVE your stats! You're doing great - keep it up and keep smiling! xx

So that's 70llbs. 5lbs? 70lbs? Okay, I'm doing good

Incy_Wincy4 Years Smoke Free in reply to Incy_Wincy

That's the spirit!

Hi just seen this, doing fantastical, just brilliant, keep up the hood work

Congratulations to you all, I've put half a stone on in weight and I just don't care,great stats walkabout

Is it about time for you to post some more stats?

Brilliant stats WAB, I have put on a whopping 15lb over the past few years from stopping and starting smoking, that includes this quit but in all honesty like the other have said as soon as my lungs feel better and I have more energy I will tackle the weight, you are doing brilliantly xx

Well into my 24th day. Another weekend and a first evening/night on my own. Usually, I feel gleeful and rebellious when this happens, that I have the place to myself, and I can do whatever I want. Not tidy up after myself, have a bottle of wine, smoke if I want anywhere at home (although that last one thankfully I haven't done for a good few years, so some maturity has grown) etc. So, I actually found Saturday evening very difficult to the point of hot flushes, restless and just gritting my teeth. Sunday was fine again. But it's done now. Onward............

Ha ha this made me smile. I have always had that feeling of wahay I'm alone I can drink, smoke, play music loud ( I am 40 not 18!!) and so home alone can be dodgy but smoking is not a treat and I think I am getting that finally x well done on getting past it and on to a fabulous feeling on Sunday x

Pleased to hear someone else has these moments. I forgot to list the dancing. You're right about it not being a treat; or rebellious or free (certainly not free!).

I have done something reckless though, but in a good way, which I'll post about this evening once I've taken the first step..............or steps.

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