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Just started Month 3

GrahamA3 Years Smoke Free

Day 62, still going strong, despite uncertainty at work, the sudden death of a friend, supposed friends owing me money and lying about it!

Actually that sounds a bit negative, but no intention of going back. I only seem to have thoughts (or memories) of smoking when I see other people do it.

It is still early days, though, and Champix course ends in 2 weeks. Feeling positive.

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Hi graham I'm sorry to hear about your friend, sounds like you have had a lot to deal with just recently, hope things look up for you soon, well done on your quit so far x

Graham, So sorry to hear about your friend. But I am pleased that the quit is going so well despite all the other stuff you have to cope with at the moment.

Managing to stay smoke-free despite all the nasty things life has thrown at you recently takes real guts Graham, which you clearly have in spades. Well done mate!

Sorry you lost your poor friend...:(....virtual hugs coming your way from me.

May your Month Three be full of happy things- you certainly deserve it to be.

GrahamA3 Years Smoke Free

Thank you all. It happened three weeks in, so was a while ago. In past quits I might have been inclined to have the odd one, but not this time. The stop smoking nurse said that when things happen smoking doesn't change it, which is very true.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I often used to smoke just for something to do or for a reward. Finished cleaning the kitchen - have a fag. I'm bored, have a fag. Crazy when you don't even physically need as many as you smoke.

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