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Day 16 and still going

Hi all

Well im on the start of 16 and im feeling fine....a few pangs but nothing major. I only took 1 champix over the weekend as I totally forgot....I don't know if I should continue to take them or wean them down to 1 a day.

Im going to speak to my smoking nurse today to get some advice on that, but if any of you lovely people can advise??


Lloyd ;)

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What an achievement Lloyd- well done mate! :D

I'm not a Champix expert but I am sure one will be along very soon. Whatver you decide, if it feels right for you it probably is. :)


Hi Lloyd, pleased to see you are still here, well done :):)


Doing such a grand job, if quitting was easy, no one would smoke, how very well you are doing.

I used the patch method, did not rush it ax it's not a sprint, but a marathon, am sure some one will be along re champix.

Many confgrats :) doing great :)



hi all,

I just wanted to know if its normal to be feeling quite anxious (im finding im having to do a lot of deep breathing) quite regularly?

I haven't had a full blown "panic attack", just finding that im short of breath and having to deep breathe a fair amount (like my heart is missing a beat)....Im not in any pain or anything but I wasn't sure if this was normal (due to me getting more oxygen than im used to or something)?



Just to clarify do you mean anxious (an emotion more severe than worry)


I am not having difficulty in breathing as such but im finding myself breathing more deeply and feel like im on the verge of having a panic attack. I have only ever had one in the past (thankfully) but my wife is a regular sufferer.

I don't think this is anything physically wrong (heart attack or anything like that) but Im guessing feeling anxious is a part of quitting?


hi there! I'm on day 19 and boy do I feel the same as what you are describing!!! I've heard it's pretty normal too and very common when you quit smoking. I haven't had a full blown panic attack yet but some days I am pretty hyped up! It may be a side effect of Champix but I'm on patches and I feel the anxiety. Whatever happens I know that it will settle down eventually. I do breathing exercises when it gets too much so breathing from the stomach instead of the chest. Good luck! You aren't alone! 😊


I think Tea is right in advising you to get it checked out, but anxiety is indeed a common quitting side-effect. I certainly had it- quite badly for the first month- and I'm not prone to anxiety normally. Your symptoms sound very like mine were and if so, it does wear off in time (or it did for me anyway).

A low dose antidepressant may be needed to get you through this patch, or your GP may just be able to offer you reassurance that it is nothing to worry about (which will probably make you feel better anyway :)).


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