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Day 15 - Knock knock, can I come in?

Right folks, yill have te put on an Irish accent tey read this one.

Top o the morning te ye all, open tat door and let mey in!!! Been in Day 15 since 9pm last night and Im shiverin' wey goosebumps here sittin' in the cool o the night in this open air sorting room lol Stood all night looking fer someone tey open the door (Id lost me way and couldn't find it) when I saw a light in the distance and on approaching, I met a wee leprechaun sitting smoking a pipe an' leaning up against an aul pear tree bearing no fruit with a sign on it saying 'Pair Tree'.

"What ye be doing on this road at this time o night?" asked the Leprechaun sitting wey his wee striped green n white socks pulled up tey his aucksters and his wee pointy toed red shoes on wey bells attached tey the front o both footwear.

Says I "On me way te better things, and with nuthin that needs a match like your aul pipe or lantern there!"

Says he "Aye but ye didne answer me question now, don't be belligerent and be giving me a short answer now or it'll be the end o the road fer ye"

"And why must ye be asking me mey business now? Im not giving ye any lip whatsoever but can help with yer spelling" says I pointing to the tree.

Says he "Never mind me spelling. I sees ye coming frey a mile off wey a smile as wide as the stretch between yer ears and all I can see is yer teeth gleaming at mey in the dark o the night. Tell mey this, what paste o the teeth are ye using?

Says I "Well Mr Leprechaun, Im using 'Oral B Whitening Pro Expert' and the flavour is awful nice tiswell, I see yer teeth are yella frey smoking. Can I give ye a wee bit o advice and I'll not cause ye any harm?"

Says he " Well seeing ye haven't crossed me palm with any gold, I wont be acceptin any advice from ye, but I'll give you what yer not expecting if ye give mey somethin' in return?"

With that agreed, he put down the pipe and clapped his hands twice. A hole appeared in the middle of the trunk of the tree he was sitting beside and a wee fairy standing inside beckoned me to make haste inside the weak tree. (said with an Irish accent of course)

"Good luck tey ye and bring me back some o that toothpaste ye be talking about now" says the Leprechaun.

Says I, "Im sorry but I'll not be back this way, but I'll send it in the post te the

sorting room if that's ok?"

Says he "Aye an ye be gud now. Whatever your looking fer, youll find your match in there alright (pair tree lol)

With that said, the opening closed behind me and I was inside Weak tree. (Week 3 lol)

Written by Paula D46

Breathe free and stay safe

Im here, Weyheyyyyyyyyy!. Ye may say 'not wise'.

Hi guys :D

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Paula, I'm now 100% convinced you're completely mad. But in a very nice way. ;)

A huge well done from me on the start of your third smoke-free week and on your extremely sparking smile (which I can see from here :D). And well done for getting shot of the lepeachaun. :)


Tried the irish accent, cracked myself up trying......

A lovely wee story so it was :)

Reminded me of a joke we used to say as kids. Say the following sentence with an irish accent

Well Oil Beef Hooked :D

Oh how we used to giggle about that one

Hope you are doing well Paula, keep up the great work on your quit!



Lol, Ano Skiddaw, its in the genes. My mum is not wise either. But thanks

for reading my post and the compliments. Much appreciated.

Im so pleased. Can I ask you about your story perhaps. What made you give up etc


Sitting laughing here Andy. That's a good one. :D


A very well done Paula for getting to week three :D


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