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PC, tablet, lap top

Well me and the oh, have decided no laptop ect and phones two nights a week, as apparently i,m obsessed , Mondays and Wednesdays. Um um um, so did I miss my tablet last night , To right I did, missed my daily reading of the forum. still stuck on level 125 candy crush.

Who uses the lap top, tablet, ect every day, and the question is does it impact on a relationship?

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Karrie, he's a workaholic , it's not unusual to be woken up at 4 in the morning with a call, problems at the office , and when he's not at work, he has 3 PC, so can deal with stuff.

So we are working on it!


Nope gotta use me tablet, that candy will not crush itself


Ha ha. I really need a like button for this post.

Have you tried jewel mania. Thats my latest addiction.

Will have a look monster busters ATM, level 503


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