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Aye oop

Hiya there forumites.

Newbie quitter here on day 2. Following the Champix route. Did this a few years ago but wasn't in the right place and didn't take more than the starter pack, quit for a month then was back on full time smokers town.

Anyway that stage of my life is well behind me and I stood at the top of the hill with the determination to succeed this time.

My official give up date was yesterday so this is day 2. Lunchtime seems my weak time but am getting away from my desk. Don't seem to have felt sick since I actually have up the evil weed, which can't be a bad thing.

Anyway I'm feeling positive at the moment but I'm sure there will be some dark days ahead.

Went to my keep fit class tonight to help with the weight gain and actually feels easier all ready.

That's all for now

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...I stood at the top of the hill...

Brilliant choice of words Mrs Joy :D:D - most quitters believe they're at the bottom of a [very steep] hill, but self belief really does drive success - looking back at the early posts of long term quitters so often shows a can-do approach which leaps off the page and invariably augurs well for the future.

Never doubt that you can do this!


Hi Mrs :) welcome to the forum, I love your signature by the way, brilliant words and very effective! Come and join us in the spring quitters social group if you would like, it's a social group for quitters in March April and May, you would be most welcome xxx


Good Morning

I am only on day 4 right now and I have this forum to be a great place to come and view when having hard times, it's definitely kept me going!

Looking forward to your posts :):)


Now then, Mrs Joy :)

A big welcome to the forum from me too. What a lovely, positive person you sound! With that sort of determination and optimism how can you not succeed?

Well done on your decision to quit. I shall look forward to your posts and to hear how things are going. :)


Welcome Mrs 24joy.

Sound like you're very determined and coping well. You never know you might escape the dark days, some people sail through. Good luck.:D


Welcome (: You sound like your head is in the right place this time. Look forward to seeing your posts x


AW thanks for the nice replies guys. Had a good day today even with the chaos at work. Actually sat in the canteen and ate my lunch for the first time in 6 years :rolleyes: Had a book to distract me so that's the plan going forward as I can get lost in a book.

Realised when I took my tab last night that I had missed the morning one ( I am the worlds worst tablet taker) :D and still got through the day!

Onwards and upwards as they say!


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