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One calendar month

A whole month smoke free I am so proud of myself. There have been ups and downs of course but it's not been as hard as I thought it would be. I have had a really bad cold this week, so no thoughts of smoking at all. I know in the past any colds would have gone straight to my chest and would have been using my ventolin inhaler, this time, although I have a cough, I haven't needed my ventolin. Just goes to prove how much better lung function is after a relatively short time. I haven't used my ecig much this week either, so I am going to try and keep that down now to bad cravings. I know it's still early days and I am aware nasty nic can rear it's ugly head at unexpected times, but I do feel really positive that I will succeed.

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Well done Crotchety! :D

It's amazing how quickly you notice the difference isn't it? I went down with a cold when I was at the same stage of my quit as you are and like you, I was very pleased to discover colds no longer settle on my chest (I've had another cold since so it wasn't a fluke).

One month is a fantastic achievement. For me, it was the point when I really started to believe I could really do this and I hope it will be the same for you.

I hope you intend to celebrate despite your cold? :)


Well done crotchety! I've got a bad cold too after one month, probs our body getting rid of the last of the poison, I hope anyway.



Well done my love:) You are doing just fab.

Fi x


Well what a great positive post:)

Doing great, not to far behind you.

Life's looking good:o


Well done Crotchety, I'm the same bad cold sore throat blah blah blah. I think it's the body still in shock. Maybe it will settle down eventually.



37 days smoke free now :)

One thing was really noticeable about the cold that I had a couple of weeks back. It did not last nearly as long as the ones I would get when I smoked. This cold went on my chest like all it's predecessors but it was surprising how much sooner it cleared. How much of that was because of quitting the cigs and how much was down to the increased water intake due to my eCigs use who knows?

The other pleasure was that the disgusting burnt phlegm like odour which was an all too familiar and unpleasant feature of colds that would fill my head and ruin the smell and taste of everything was not present this time round. Sorry if I'm being too graphic here!


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