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Checking in


Hello all,

Just a quick check in here to let everyone know I am still here. Not having fun at the mo but will pass I am sure.

Ran into some trouble posting while at work this week so I had to disappear a bit....:mad:

Just wish the Chantix would kick n a little quicker. It was my understanding that it takes away your urge to smoke? So far, nothing damn!!!! ugh!


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Hi Karri!! Waving back at ya heehee

I have had a few here and there but trying to completely leave off of them. By this Wednesday coming I will not have any more. That will be day 8. Still, I have cut it to the odd 1 or 2 from 20 a day. They say you need to pick a quit date after 8-10 days but I really want to get on with it if you follow :p so I have been trying to not smoke as much as possible. Day 4 of the Chantix so now I will be doubling the dose today.

Hi Lostie,

I agree, should ease up in the next few days. I realize I am pushing this very hard but I want to keep to schedule, smoke the odd one here and there then Wednesday be finished.

How are you doing these days? I am hoping your health is fairing better since you gave up? I bet you are breathing through your nose regularly now :p

Hi there,

Yes, you are ugh, I am just impatient and want to be a non smoker. :cool:

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