No Smoking Day
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Hi guys

Just wanted to say good morning to everyone and keep up the good work. We are all doing something which is tough, punishing and emotional, but which is completely worth it.

No one made us smoke in the first place, and those lucky enough to have never smoked could say we have no-one but ourselves to blame for the hardship we are now facing. But we are doing it. We are making a difficult change which will lead to us being healthier, wealthier and happier people. And I for one think that the struggle marks us out as strong people.

Anyhoo, I hope everyone has a good day. To those managing ok, keep pushing. To those struggling; moan, shout, cry, but keep on trying. Every single person is worth it. :)

Have a good one


Jim :)

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Mini eggs

Lovely to have this post, gives me great positivity for the day ahead.

Might give the mini eggs a try lol. Love your angle on this quitting.

Great start for to day


Nice post Jim Bob :) you are quite right, I have never felt such a mix of emotions, it's got to be worth it though otherwise it wouldn't be so hard... Have a great day :) :) x


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