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Day 25 :)

Here we are day 25, as some of you will know had a REALLY bad craving day yesterday, the first in the quit, thought too it was too plain sailing :D

But here we are patch stuck firmly on this morning and feel fine again, thanks so much to Mina and Lindy for ur help last night

Finishing off my sons paper round (!) and then lunch with a friend later, all good

Happy Monday folks xx

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Donna, so sorry you felt like poo yest but really pleased you're back on track, you never know when it's going to come and bite you on the bum :o yippeeeeee on day 25, I will be there soon :D well not that soon :p

Thanks Cupster, and it will come round before you know it ;) xx


Hip hip hooray for day 25 :). Keep going Donna :D:D:D


Sounds like the patches work really well for you. In your shoes I would keep them going for some time yet. Some quitters are determined to get off the patches as fast as possible to get the nicotine withdrawal out of the way sooner rather than later.

We are all different but in my case I found that going through the patches in the correct order and gradually decreasing the amount of time I wore them each day (over 4 months) made my nicotine withdrawal fairly easy going.

Defo took your advice on board John, I have just ordered another 4 weeks of step 1 patches, thanks :)

Well done Donna. Im not even going to ask why you are doing a paperround lol.

I think me and you are going to be stuck on these patches for months. But hey better than smoking. xxx

I reckon I'll still be on them in 6 months:D I have a friend who has been on the step 2 patch since last February! 😜😜

Hip hip hooray for day 25 :). Keep going Donna :D:D:D

Thank you lovely lady :) xxx


Glad u are feeling better :)

Don't know anything about patches but doing it slowly seems to make sense otherwise it may be like clod turkey

Mrs No Idea:) but wishing you luck

Thanks Jen, going to keep on the step 1 for another month anything to stop me picking up smoking again! Xx


was worried about you for a mo there Donna - couldn't be happier than to see you here - Day 25 is amazing, well done you :)



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