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Hello 13

Hi. I stopped on Friday 13th December via Champix (how the fwck does it work? Magic, don't tell me :)) ) and have only had teeny lusts since then, but tonight has been baaad.

My planned xmas trip to parents is cancelled due to weather/no trains. My family are just getting on my nerves on the phone. I really would like a fag. I am now on my jack for xmas which is fine but I really would like a fag. I really...

Smoked since 15 I think, now 42, 2 chest infections/bronchitis in the last year and constant cough since the last one to the point where my work all but put me into quarantine :ironic laugh: . I know I am doing well lalala but I really would like a fag...

Please shut me up!

And hi, and thanks in advance.

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Hiya and welcome Vegas :)

There's lots of Champix quitters on here who will know better than I do, but I think that even if you did have a fag (DON'T!! They suck, believe me) you wouldn't get anything out of it except a cough.

Sorry your plans have gone belly up, hope you can have as nice a day as poss :)


Hi Vegas, really hope you had a happy and smoke free day, I've had Xmas days on my own and when you see the Eastenders hour of doom - there really not that bad :p


Thanks all. I didn't smoke. But I really want to now!

God it's actually quite boring isn't it. I do wish it would just go away. Anyway 2 weeks in now. My problem now is that now I feel so much better health-wise, I need to keep remembering that it isn't a reason to smoke again, but that it is a result of me not smoking. So simple but apparently so not. Bah. :statingtheobvious:


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