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Hello all :)

My name is Mags and I've been smoking a loooong time. Started in 1969 and have tried many times since then to "Cut it down" "Cut it out" Call it what you will. I've tried everything. I paid £250 for hypnosis walked out of the building after the so called miracle cure, and lit a fag :( I should have know better they had huge glass windows, they sure saw me coming!! Anyhoo I've picked a date got there and carried on smoking. gone through the lists of do's and don'ts etc...etc...etc...

So Monday morning I got out of bed, as usual around 6.30/7am. Had no thought or plan of giving up, normally after breakfast I shower then go to the shops, and as I have always bought my ciggies in 100's could never be bothered buying 20 at a time, I'm walking around the shop getting my stuff and I thought "bugger it. I'm not buying fags" Simple as that. I came home put away my shopping Smoked the last ciggie I had in my packet at 10am and that was it. Not had one since. Now I'd be lying if I said it's been easy, Cos it ain't. But it's been a damn sight easier than I ever imagined before. taking the time to work out a stop date, in my mind builds up a fear of stopping.of failure. of whatever way your mind works, I went out yesterday and bought sweeties. I don't eat sweets, but I'd rather chew a sweet than smoke a ciggie. only problem is I'll need to hide them when the grandkids come up :)

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Well done Mags and welcome to the forum!! Sweeties are wonderful and really help in the early days. Post here when you need us - there's usually someone around to help.




Welcome Mags, you have a wonderful sense of humour and that will really help in some of the darker moments. My friend went to a hypnotist and it actually worked for her, apparently this one didn't do the "Yoooooooo aaaaaaaare noooooooo looooooooonger a smokerrrrrrrrrrrrrr" trick but actually put her under and then somehow stopped her buying any more fags! Sweets are brilliant, I love mint humbugs, toffees, anything with a bit of chew, I personally would recommend you don't go overboard on the sugar free ones as the body can't process them and it tends to get a bit "windy" Good luck and keep us posted ;)


Thank you

Many thanks for the warm welcome, It's always a bit iffy joining anything new, but I suppose we all have something in common at least :) Got a bit of a headache today, and As my Daughter "never smoked in her life" being the expert she is told me. " Don't worry mother you know it's the right thing to do a wee headache won't kill anybody" Maybe I was expecting a miracle and hoping I'd get some support from family, but sadly no. I am the only sinner none of my 3 sisters 14 nieces 5 nephews 4 adult grandkids luckily they have all avoided the guilty pleasure. This is why I'm glad to have found somewhere I can actually talk to people who understand how hard it is.



Hi Mags!

Welcome and enjoy!! This forum is brilliant, full of wonderful people who are on the same journey as you.....

Im on here nearly every day now!! lol :)

Well done and Good Luck with your quit :D


Hi mags!

Good luck with ur quit! I have recently come back on the site so glad I did , family and friends can only tolerate so much moaning :) I will keep an eye out for ur posts x


Hello Mags, good to see you, I love seeing new posters then I don't feel so new anymore, ha ha.

I so understand your tale with the hypnotist, I was the very same, and he cost me a fortune. I smoked when I got home and at no point reduced my intake, actually I probably increased with sheer disgust at the money I had spent.

I also understand your meaning on the quit date being the thing that scared you most. Well you have done it now, you have quit and you can and will maintain it. I am sure you are proud of yourself, your family and grandchildren will be so delighted to be able to give you a hug and kiss and only smell your perfume or soap, . My own little girl told me I smelled lovely the other day, she is seven and sniffed the air like a hound, and then said I think it's toothpaste I smell , is it mom? Before it was stale smoke.

I look forward to your chats, and stories. keep up that stubborn streak and just don't take a puff, because I have been there and it will leave you thinking just one more won't make me go back, and then you slowly get back to where you were.


hey, that post made me a senior member, well there you go, not the newbie anymore.


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