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Day 10 and keeping the faith!


Las night I went to a northern soul night. I love northern but unfortunately over the years Ive found myself less able to dance very much.

Last night I never sat on my butt, not once was I out of breath and by god did I make up for the last few years. This is day 10, not month or year 10 but day 10| Ive had to use my inhaler once in the last week, not every 5 minutes.

When I did my last quit I was stuck in the house after having an operation and so didn't really see the benefits as well as I am this time.

Im booking for the Northern Soul weekender at Prestatyn in March so I cant start smoking again if I want to do the all nighters.

Keep the faith!

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Well done on 10 days. An amazing achievement in itself. Keep it up and it'll be 10 weeks before you know it.

Great post Lillie :D

Its fantastic when you start to see the positive side effects to quitting

You will soon be entering a new room

Go girl go


Thanks for the replies and the encouragement it means a lot to me.


Hey lillie well done on your quit im not far behind you at 7 days....but i wont be singing 'seven days is too long with out you faggie come on back to me' soul sister

Haha Toya love the play on words. I wont be able to sing that again without thinking of you lol


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