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29 days and feeling great


Its been 29 days since I became a non-smoker using Champix and it’s gone really well, so far I have hardly had any craves the only thing I really felt the first few days was a feeling of emptiness and lost but after that it just got better and better.

I also had to change my lifestyle as far as eating and drinking was concerned because my cholesterol was very high, also the measured fat in my blood was extremely high, so although I have heard it’s better to concentrate on stopping smoking first then lose the weight I felt I had no choice! So I have done both.

Last week the only time I thought about smoking was when I realized I hadn’t thought about smoking lol, the reason being I have been doing a lot of research about food and to a smaller extent drink, It has been an amazing revelation the amount of sugar I have been consuming! It’s no wonder my cholesterol and the fat in my blood was out of control, there is so much hidden sugar in the food and drinks we consume it’s frightening.

Well the good news is I am a non-smoker and I am already feeling quite a few benefits to my health and wealth! I have so far lost 12lb in weight and that’s not the result of a diet, it’s because I am now eating the right kind of food and drink to get my cholesterol and the fat in my blood under control! I will know if I have been successful after my next blood test, the loss of weight is a very welcome by-product of health living.

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Well done Rex :D

and good to see your feeling positive effects to quitting

it is scary how much hidden sugar and fats there is in food :eek:

ive started making my own juice so i know exactly what im putting in and have been expermenting with some strange combos of fruits and veg and loving them all so far :)


I am using myfitnesspal it has an app and a website I have found it very informative and it has been a great help.

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