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Day 3 wish me luck


Second try in few months.Tried Champix stopped for 2 months but was making me so sick and had every possible side effect I started smoking just to feel normal again.

Now Im just using Niquitin gum and willpower. Started extreme new workout which is killing me but helps take my mind off smoking. Today was a bit of struggle hope it ll get easier. Any tips on getting through day 3?

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Champix kills cravings but was just horrible for me,constantly sick on it .I ve smoked for 20y ,20+ a day so shouldnt expect it to be easy but boy am i struggling today lol. Really edgy and nervous its all i can think about :/ i have been exercising lots everyday doing some high intensity workouts and drinking loads of water . Thank you :) will do,anything to get me through first few days.

Thank you for all the tips,today feels really hard to focus on anything feel so restless and tired but has to get easier.

Will do look forward to days when i wake up and smoking wont be first thing on my mind anymore. Cant really think clearly while you re still smoking only now realizing how badly addicted i was and anything and everything was a reason to smoke :/ still have some left in the house,havent touched them since i ve stopped but helps me thinking im not depriving myself of anything...I can smoke if I want just choose not to. Ill be happy when this week is done.

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