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Hey Another New Room :)

Hi fellow journeymen & women have now entered the 4th month of my quit. Doing well and enjoying the journey, having smoked for 30 odd years its been long overdue. The difference for me is in my general health, when I was smoking I was waking to a hacking cough most mornings, and constantly getting the cold that would develop into chest infections. Since I stopped I have not had either the cold or chest infection, my ability to breath in the morning has also been vastly improved. Polluting the lungs with carcinogens does nothing to improve health.

I wont claim to have the habit kicked at the moment but every passing day is another small victory.

Stay Strong

Keeping Hold of the Nope philosphy thanks Max

Nope aka Not One Puff Ever

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Well done!!

It's fab your health is so much better too :D :D


Ah, there you are Graham, wondered what had happened to you ;) welcome to month 4 and congrats on your achievement :D:D


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