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Ugh! My weekend took a left turn

Hello fellow quitters,

I was trying to get this one in under the wire of Sunday night but I guess I have missed the mark.

After much merrymaking and way too much to drink on Friday night, I awoke on Saturday feeling like I had already died but somebody forgot to drag my sorry carcass away.

I didn't even think to dress until noon when I did the unthinkable.... :eek: I stepped on the scale.... ugh! since I have quit smoking I have put on 4 lbs, which may not seem so bad but I began to multiply that by the coming weeks, not a pretty site!!!

I thought ok I must start working out again beginning today. You see, I had surgery this spring and was only cleared to begin working out again a month ago. That's where it all went bad.

By days end I knew I had injured myself to the point where I had to put an emergency call into my surgeon for direction as to what to do because there was a chance for re-surgery if I had torn muscles.

Luckily for me he thought it serious enough to actually meet me at his office today and luckily I have only pulled my shoulder and pec muscles. Whew thankfully I dodged a huge bullet there!!

Since then I have been in a pain killer, muscle relaxer state of happiness without even a thought towards smoking cigarettes.

The upside is no lifting therefore no housework for me the next few weeks! Sweet!!! But, no working out either. :mad:

What remains is the thoughts of how to stop eating everything I see. No kidding, I just can't stop eating! I know many will say concentrate on the quit first and address the weight later but that just isn't going to work for me.

Lets face it, It's Florida and it's summer which means tons of bare skin. Putting on pounds for the sake of not smoking is just not something I am willing to accept. There has to be an alternative.

Other thoughts for the new week, I am thinking of forgoing the patch tomorrow and just eliminating all nicotine from my body. Will decide in the morning but I am leaning in that direction.

Sorry so long, had to post tonight lest Max think I have gone off the rails again. If that were to happen, he might just start an international incident and show up at my home ready to put me in irons lol.

I will leave you with this question, why does quitting smoking equate to weight gain (are we just substituting or is it chemical) or more accurately the desire to eat so much?

Happy Monday Morning Everyone.

BTW not sure if I posted this in the right week? Am I in 2 or 3??


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Dreaded weight!!!

Hi Sherri B smoke free - I know what you're saying - I couldn't stop eating either. :(

I hate putting weight on too, but I couldn't stop eating. Instead I just ate things that i thought would limit the damage. I ate lots and lots of fruit and vegetables. ( more like gorged on fruit ) I know that fruit has sugar but I really believe that you can only do so much damage with fruit since there's lots of fibre etc. Blueberries and bananas I ate constantly, and if I was craving sugar I would eat dates.

At one stage i couldn't work out when I had foot surgery. I couldn't walk but I could stand - I bought a hula hoop after I read on the internet that hula hooping burns a lot of calories and tones the core muscles. I would stand & hula hoop while I watched the news. I think it helped. I'm now about 1/2 stone heavier than when I stopped smoking - I can live with that for now, but I'm losing it slowly. At one stage I was over 1 stone heavier.

I also tried some appetite suppressant tablets - I'm not sure if they worked or not since there are so many variables at play when you stop smoking.

Good luck with your weight. If you can hula hoop it is quite pleasant and effective in losing weight. :)


Phew Sherri when I read the title I thought something else....

I know what you mean about the weight gain - I think it affects most of us. I am up 12 pounds so far in my 8 weeks but I am now trying to control it a little more and just snack on healthy things. I haven't managed to do much exercise yet - from sheer laziness except playing tennis twice a week and playing with my kids.

Hang in there Sherri - one thing at a time. Don't let the weight gain convince you back into smoking though!!!!

Glad you got through another weekend - you are doing brilliantly!!!!!!!


Phew, I thought you started smoking!!!


You can do this... You are going to hate me, but I actually lost 12 pounds since I quit smoking...When I had the munchies when I quit, I would eat veggies and fruits as much as I wanted of it.. I knew that I would gain weight when I quit and I figured I did not want to fight a bigger battle of taking off the pounds when I quit smoking... You can do this..If you don't like fruits and veggies learn to like them..They will surely help you control and lose weight during your quit. Much luck to you. I know you can do this!

I am here to support you...Don't make me come to your house..You are NOT that far from me!!! LMAO


Cor, like the others I thought you had been seduced by the dark sidel!

Well, good on you for not falling into that trap!. Anyhoo, I think it's something we all go through, i'm sure it's just a substitute for the nicotine being taken away. I'm booked in for a health test in a few weeks and have to keep a 4 day food diary. I dread to think what's going to be in there BUT I do have a brilliant excuse for my gorging in the fact i'm now a non smoker! :) Keep going Sherri!


If it makes you feel any better I put on 12lbs so you aren't doing so bad really, apparently a nicotene pang is an equivalent feeling to a hunger pang, and I also think you eat for something to do with all that spare time because you don't know what else to do.

I have recently started drinking water with a huge chunk of fresh lemon in, there is something about it makes you feel like you are doing something more than drinking lemon water perhaps its the act of stabbing the lemon with a fork to let out the flavour but it works, give it a go you have nothing to lose but weight lol....

Good Luck



I have gained about 5lbs since I quit 6 weeks ago. I think people that quit smoking eat more because they are trying to fill a void. That empty feeling the nicotine monster left behind. I have been trying to eat celery sticks and carrots - but it seems I chase it with a piece of candy or ten. :o


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