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31days today

Jeez this has been hard but worth it. Today I had a big bonus. My blood pressure which was high has now shrunk to normal, which is a big big reward for sticking to the programme.So now we battle on. Still get the madness of wanting a ciggy, but I think that is mainly habit and I know have to establish a non smoking habit to take its place. Hope everyone is ok. What a wonderful community this is. Many thanks and much love. Jonno

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Well done Jonno, Great news about your BP ... I so agree that this a great place to visit for friendly advice and support! Just knowing that you are not alone and that others understand really helps!

Take Care x


YAY well done Jonno :)

Glad your BP is coming down - should check mine 'cos it used ot be a bit high :eek:

You're right about it being mostly habit, I get it sometimes - like after lunch and tea I sort of automatically want a smoke (because I always had one) which isn't happening!!

When we're more used to it we'll be fine :D


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