Four Weeks Today

Well I never thought that I would achieve one week never mind four! Come too far now to start that filthy habit again ... Forgot to take Champix yesterday but will continue today - scared to stop completely at this stage but may only take one. Great to know there is absolutely no nicotine in my body now!!!

Thanks again for all your support :D x

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  • Yayyy! Well done Jess :D

    Will you be treating yourself with the money you've saved? x

  • Thanks to you both, We are in the process of having a new kitchen installed and it is a never ending money pit!!! Just as we'll I've stopped smoking or I couldn't justify some of my more expensive choices to the other half!!! Only joking! :D

  • Oh that's fab, huge well done Jess!! x

  • Congrats great effort :)

  • Well done Jess.

  • Congrats on your 4 weeks Jess :D

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