No Smoking Day
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Can't stand the smell of smoke!

I'm using champix and am on day 13 of no smoking. All is going really well, i've got the right attitude and not having many cravings at all.

The smell of smoke on other people is making me feel so ill though. My dad's a really heavy smoker and yesterday he came over to pick up my daughter. I near enough shut the door in his face. He stunk. I felt so ill for ages after he'd gone and hate the fact that my daughter cuddles him when he smells so bad. Now I know I never smelt THAT bad. My dad smokes probably 60 a day but the fact I used to smell even a third that bad makes me feel so guilty that my daughter and cats used to have to smell me.

I've just been shopping and on the bus there I had to put my scarf over my nose because of all the smell of smoke on people and when walking around tesco I had to avoid this group of lads because they stunk.

I'm assuming that the champix is making me more sensitive to the smell of smoke. I can't imagine to people that have never smoked that it smells so bad as I wouldn't have had any non-smoking friends.

On the plus side. Since I started smoking I haven't been able to stop smelling myself. I smell blimmin great :)

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Hi Allinflux, could be a side effect of Champix who knows? That said at least you DONT like the smell, so that is good and yes you will smell lovely now all shampoo and perfume and soap, lovely. All good reasons to stay quit!:)


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