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Yeah! I made it to day 5!


thanks guys for your support and thank god for a beautiful 31 degree sunny day in Sydney. Feeling great now, forgetting my bust and carrying on. Went for a swim and am eating really well. Must say the Champix settled down today, threw up once last night, but good now.

I drove the 1 hr drive to work and then back today, man that was a test. Ill get some cd's in the car for next time and some suga free lollies.

I haven't wheezed for days now and that gives me a good push on...........

Sorry for those who aren't in the sunshine today, it really helps!

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That's fab, well done!! :cool:

Glad you're feeling better already for quitting, and good luck!

Gemma x

Glad you're feeling better Rachael, I bet the sunshine does help! Sadly in the uk the weather is pretty miserable! In regards to your car journey, why not give your car a spring clean and air fresher etc, that really helped me to stay strong. Music is definitely required though!

Good luck and stay strong!

Karen x

thanks girls yep my stepdaughter is gonna clean it up good tomorrow!

Rachael well done - I am on my 7th day now. If you get a day like I had yesterday - wanted all day to light up very strongly - it does ease the day after - you can do this!!

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