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Results :(

Well been and had lung tests done and as the doc suggested 8wks ago I certainly have the start of COPD and lungs of a 95yr old ( I really dont understand as since I've quit I not breathless, I''ve more energy ):confused:

Infact the only things that have changed are all positive so I just don't get it:confused:

I've gotta go c doc in a week to see what they say about tests.

All newbies, any1 quitting or any1 thinking of quitting as this is not worth it, like every1 I've always thought this only happens when your older, but no I'm 34 how crap is that:eek:

Sorry for moaning keep going with the quit ( I know I will now )

do you know the worse thing, the thing that caused this is the thing i craved the most when i left the docs ???

I just remembered I did 2 tests the 1 test was I inhaled as much as I could then blew out really quick then kept blowing till I couldn't know more, this test was fine and I was really good at it :)

The next test I had a thing on my nose and told to inhale in again but this time blow out slowly until I couldn't no more, this test I failed and was told that my lungs were 95 and I had COPD by the nurse ????

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Thank you lostie,

No I didn't light up though cravings were heavy, I'm still smoke free 5wks and 5days:D

Like I said I don't understand any of the results from today??? But I will go c my doc next week to c what he says,

Your doing great with your quit congratulation


Hi Sian

have sent you a message. Well done for not caving in to the cigarettes. That took a lot of strength. Was this test done at the hospital in a respiratory medicine clinic, or at the GP's? There is evidence online that shows, despite the commonly held belief, that lungs keep trying to repair even when people have COPD. Some hospitals have respiratory nurse spe******ts who can help support you through this. Often they are more available than the docs and can really help fine tune medication etc. Worth asking about a referal when you get to the bottom of this.


Plus, at 34 you are YOUNG, so the bodies potential to deal with this, if it is c.o.p.d...or do some repair...or limit progression, is very high. It's just so not helpful when they say things like "lungs of a 95 yr old". Whoever said that to you, needs a slap.


Thank you Hilary, I'm also not happy with the result... My friend has COPD and I'm nothing like them, I'm very fit and healthy, and my main downfall was my smoking.

But yes when I see my doc next wk i will be asking for a referral as I'm very confused.

Yes the test was done at docs on a puffing machine


Thank u Karri :D

I'm definitely not gona smoke again now x


"lungs of a 95 year old".

Sounds bad, sounds real bad...........but then............what the f**k does it actually mean? I've seen people who are 95 years old, but I've never seen the lungs of a 95 year old. Not many 95 year olds run marathons, but that might be because they've got arthritis.

All in all "lungs of a 95 year old" is an unsatisfactory "diagnosis". It tells you nothing about the extent of your COPD (or lack of extent of it) while at the same time being confusing and frightening. :mad:



Did your test firstly make you blow out all your air and then have oxygen and a nebulizer for about 10 minutes and then do the test again?

These result between my 'before' and 'after' was no difference. When I saw the dr he was furious he thought the nurse had done the test wrong, but she did comment to me at the time that there was no difference. I'm still hoping there was a mistake, but I know there wasn't:(

I also had a chest xray and a heart stress test.


No I had nothing like that I added my tests I did to my original post, as my 1 test was fine and the other wasn't


Thanks biggrin to get fair I'm more confused than before I actually went to the docs ????


Hi Sian, sorry about your test results, my sister has copd but I dont think they have ever put an age on her lungs,that is awful them saying that to you. However you have quit and that will definitely help you. You are also, as someone has already pointed out very young and that is on your side too. Glad you didnt light up but Ican imagine the stress and wanting to. Wait and see what your doc says.If you feel healthy then that is also a good sign, it may be that you can reverse some of the damage. Let's wait and see what the doctor says and I hope it is better news than you have the lungs of a 95 year old.xx


Some doctors think they are so damn clever. Best wait for the results from someone without the sadistic sense of humour. What are a 95 year olds lungs like? My mum, a lifelong smoker of 30 a day, died at 90 with nothing wrong with her lungs. You know your body better than anybody.


What is it with nurses making diagnosis now. DOCTORS make diagnosis and nurses do NOT. Nurses provide nursing care. Wait until you see the Doc Sian. Cannot believe they have left you in such a worried state with a diagnosis from somebody not particularly qualified probably to give it.

Your doc will be able to better talk you through you results and how to manage any conditions the doctor diagnoses. Until then don't be getting all worried about it... The fact first test seemed ok surely must be all positive for anything you do have to manage. At your really young age a COPD diagnosis would be quite unusual, as I'm sure you are aware. That second test I'm sure gets a percentage - don't want to cast doubt but could it have been the percentage of 95% she was giving rather than an age, but I believe a 95% would be quite good for that test if it was the case... Christ even I'm confusing myself now.... ignore me.



Hiya Sian, I'm so sorry about your results. I can't imagine why they would have said such a thing! How many 95 year olds has that particular nurse tested. Or, is it that the Nhs carries the results of 95 years for comparison ? It sounds so much like throw away statistic regurgitating to me love, scaremongering at its worst. Nothing is irreversible at your age Sian, you can do it with not smoking and exercise.

I watch biggest loser a lot and they have their bio age tested beginning and end, they ALWAYS improve no end. An 28 year old with a bio age of 52 that she reduces to 25 years old by the end.

If you're lucky you get to undo any damage by grabbing hold of your life and putting it right and that is what you're doing chuck.

I hope what your doctor says next week is positive and I've a feeling it will be

It should be anyway if there's any justice in the world. X


Hi Sian

As soon as Molly has given me the name of her taxi driver and I go slap him with this greet big fish you left lying here I'm gonna nip down there and give that nurse right good slapping with it too!! :mad:

I totally agree with the other posters.

It's the doctor or specia lists job to diagnose and treat!!

Do you think she was "making a joke"?

I think some do without any regard for the reaction of the patient!!

I also have my doubts about the medical profession in general at times. I know 99% of the work they do for us is fantastic but it gets my goat when I hear your tale!!

I have minor psoriasis under my nails. I didn't know it was psoriasis so I went to the doctors and he referred me to a specia list....

...When the day came I waited 3 hours past my appointment time and when I finally got in he took a look, got a book out, said "it looks like that doesn't it?" I said yes and he said .... "That'll be what it is then!"

so .... er .... can we do anything about it? ... "No" was his answer ...


I was so mystified by the "treatment" I received!

I know very little about COPD to be fair but I would surely bet that your youthful age and the fact you are a non-smoker has got to help your cause.

I hope everything goes great with your doctor when you see him next and if it doesn't ...........

Give me a call ...... I got the fish waiting!! :D

So proud you didn't cave after your crave coming out!

That's my girl! :)

Well done

Take care




Hi Sian, I don't understand. I've just tried both test (just sat here and did it from your description) and because I've not long been stopped (9 weeks this Friday) I just coughed badly on my exhale. How can your nurse not expect this to get better in a month or two. You'd think that at the least they'd ask you back after a couple of months.


I have been thinking about this too. I am choked with cold and would have failed the test miserably this week. One test does not a diagnosis make Sian... So do not be writing yourself off just yet...

If it was me I wouldn't even want the diagnosis from my GP. I'd prefer it to come from a chest doc who spe******es and knows her stuff.... Sometimes GP's can be a bit over zealous on the old medicating of whatever condition they read about this month. At one point half my family was depressed and on the same anti depressant from the same GP. :eek:



When I had these breathe in blow out tests, with and without ventolin in a spacer, to test for asthma, the read out that came out of the machine said on it, among other readings "Lung Age=72".

I read it myself when nurse went to answer phone.That's what helped me quit.

When I went in to see doctor to discuss tests, he never mentioned that reading to me, and neither did the nurse.

What the doc did say was," What are you doing? We are trying to open up your airways, and you are closing them by smoking".

Within 2 or 3 weeks of stopping smoking, my peak flow reading had gone up from 220 to 350.


sad news

Sian, that is very distressing news, but I mus agree with the other comments on here, you have given yourself the best chance by stopping. And nurses dont make diagnosis! Stay strong and remember how much medicene improves these days!!!!

You did so wel not to smoke yesterday, you go girl!!!

Marie xxx


thank you so much

Thank you everyone for all your comments

I must admit yesterday I was pretty upset by the results but like Karri said I was a heavy smoker :(

I am now goin to not worry to much until I c my doc, and if he agrees with the results I will ask for a referral...

Again thanks for all your support you've given me:D


Big Hugs Sian

Glad you are feeling a bit better today, what a lot of support and good advice you got. I am so glad that you did not smoke. How much worse would you feel now if you had, but it would have been my reaction too. Keep at it girl you are doing really well.


I know this forum I owe everything 2 it's been amazing and given me so much strength :D

Thank u so much


Dearest Sian

I so much know where you're coming from. I would like to put in my tuppence's worth, if you don't mind.

Personally I think often the things doctors do is what is in fact the least good for us. All they know is cold, hard facts, but a person is just so much more than that, and especially people like you. You have already PROVEN that you ARE an exceptional person.... Simply put, the norm is that people don't stop smoking. You have. This means that you are way above average strong, and also determined to be healthy. This is not something that doctors are capable of taking into account.

I have read and read and read up about the statistics of not smoking since I quit 80 days and 11 hours ago, and according to those, even people who are diagnosed positive with lung cancer have a 70% higher survival rate IF they quit smoking, because of the body's incredible capacity to heal itself. To me this means that the iffy-iffy-maybethis-maybethat diagnosis that you have received is merely a prognosis of how things likely would have been if you had not quit smoking. But now that you have all bets are off.

Finally, it has been shown numerous times that the positivity of our thinking can also affect the outcome of an illness. As can stress levels, which are naturally increased when we receive news like you have.

I would therefor, if I were in your situation, do the following:

1. Ignore the doctors and stop going to them until I have emotionally stabilized after quitting smoking. This means likely more than 6 months after starting your quit.

2. Renew my commitment to doing what I know is best for me, and draw confidence, satisfaction and serenity from the fact that I am in fact saving my own life, no matter in how small a measure I am doing it in.

My heart goes out to you. Personally, I have heard that same line spoken by my doctor to myself, and I know how depressing it can be. But depression is the enemy of our quit, and the friend of nicotine.

Incidentally, some time after quitting I saw a different doctor. Magically my diagnosis was NOT COPD!!!!!! My body had started to recover. Not saying that my lungs don't have any damage, mind you, but at least the verdict is not copd any more. ;) hehehe dumb doctors!




Hi Sian,

I hope you are feeling more positive and stronger today,

I need to say thank you, reading your post was like a punch in the guts, a big wakeup call and reminder that ive been an idiot for over 2/3 of my life and feeling smug at not smoking for 2 months means im a complacent fool with obviously a lot more to learn than i thought.

I was in a mindset of ive stopped and im ok, dangerous territory for me and I have a feeling id have slipped this weekend, as my parents are visiting and arent we a lovely family we all have a fag together, and your post has shocked me, your only 2 years younger than me and thats scary,

So thank you, as twisted as it is you've helped me, I KNOW i wont slip this weekend now

and get a second opinion :)



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