No Smoking Day
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Week 4

End of week 3 and beginning of week 4.

I mentally feel like a non smoker - but still having the occasional urge to smoke - these urges just come about without any warning - I can just be driving somewhere (or doing something else unrelated to smoking) - and suddenly I sort of imagine myself lighting a ciggy and it makes me feel as if I want to smoke. Although I don't feel in danger of actually giving in to the urge. Very odd. Also a bit annoying and I wish they would stop!

I am now on a reduced doseage of the champix as advised by the doctor so taking half a one in the morning and half one at night (sometimes I forget to take the one at night).

Also feel like time has stood still!!! Even though it's only 3 weeks since I quit, it feels longer because I'd cut down so drastically due to the champix. In the last week before I actually quit I was only taking about 3 or 4 puffs from each ciggy and had cut down to less than 5 a day (the last few days was about 3 at most).

Anyway, glad to be here :o

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I'm very glad you're still here Lauren. Was thinking about you earlier and hoping. Dont worry about those feelings. We all got or get them. They do go. Massive congratulations on making it to week 4.


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