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Day 2 done

Well, technically at the moment (11pm) it has been 1 day 9 hours since my last cigarette. But I'll count it as 2 days as I only had 2 yesterday morning.

On the inhalers supplied by NHS Quitting smoking program which helps alot, but havent had that bad cravings (smoked for 10 years between 5-10 a day, and 15+ on nights out sometimes) apart from earlier this evening when I'd usually get a few beers in the house and I really fancied buying a pack too.

But I didn't get any beers in and have pretty much made it to day 3 bearing in mind I'll be off to bed soon and it'll be day 3 tomorrow.

One day at a time, but not as bad quitting as I thought it would be. Drinking lots of water and playing computer games to keep myself busy and keep the odd cravings at bay

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Well done you!!!

One day at a time will soon be one week, then one month, then..... you're on your way!!


Well done and welcome:D


Welcome, congrats on your decision and well done so far. This forum is soooo helpful for advice and support. Stay strong. :D


2 days, 2 hours and 39 minutes

been rough today so far but come through it, hopefully tomorrow will be easier


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