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Three and a half weeks

Hi guys, Just decided to join this forum. I just gave up smoking over three weeks ago as I had bad caught bad bronchitis three times this year and the doctor more or less told me it was give up now or face the consequences, and as I have two young children I decided enough was enough! So after twenty years of smoking here I am!

Im using Champix and at the beginning I couldn't actually believe how easy it was, but now three weeks later I am, actually finding it really hard, and just told my husband that I would love a cigarette. My gums have also started bleeding too, at the minute I'm just concentrating on the downside of stopping smoking which I know is just stupid, anyone else feeling like this?

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Hi, Welcome to the forum. Well done on making the decision to quit smoking. A lot of people suffer around the 3 week mark. You should read through the posts on this forum, I think that will help you. Also you will see that bleeding gums is something people also suffer with too. These things will all calm down as you move further into your quit. Stick with it 3 weeks is really good and it does get easier!:)


Hi and welcome to the forum :)

but sorry to hear your having a bad time at the moment :( it will get better and your gums will stop bleeding have you got any corsodyle mouth wash? i used that for mine when they started and it does help

keep coming on here and posting no matter how your feeling as there is always someone around to give you some support and advise

there is some good info on the link on my signature that may help you




I just had a look at the website at the bottom of your signature. There is a lot of great stuff on there so thank you for sharing it


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