No Smoking Day
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My last post on here

Because at 10:30pm today I'll be moving to the next level - week 2!! I've done a whole week when I didn't think I could!


It's been much easier than I thought it would be and I want to give hope to others following our trail as we leave each part of the forum that you CAN do it. It can niggle, it can make you annoyed, restless, hungry, listless. All of that. But when did any of that kill you? (Apart from unsatisfied hunger that is!)

The first 3-4 days were quite bad. ACtually 4 wasn't as bad, nor was 1. Days two and three were pretty effing terrible. But that's two days out of the hopefully tens of thousands of days I have left!

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Hi Justsaynothanks,

Well done! Just in week 2 myself now and its definately getting easier as the day's go by, just one by one i find myself not craving a certain cig that i would have at a certain time of the day. Bad headache the last couple of days though :( don't know if this is the champix, nicotine withdrawel or not knowing how to deal with little minor stresses that I would normally have a cig in an attempt to cure but I'll take it over not smoking any day.

Keep it up & keep me upto date how your doing.



got me worried when i read the title of this thread :eek:

but was so glad to read it :D:D

Well done on moving up :)


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