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If someone tells you that you are in a bad mood when you're not, does that put you in a bad mood?

I think I've been in fine fettle since I quit but one person in my life is accusing me of being in bad moods even when I'm not. I find this really upsetting. On top of this, if I was in a bad mood the quit will get the blame ("have the champix worn off?") Does this mean then that as a smoker I was never in a bad mood? No, of course it doesn't but I can't say that or I'll be accused of being in a bad mood!

GGGGGGrrrrrrrr- Now I'm in a bad mood :mad::mad::mad:

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It's a bit like when some old guy used to pass you in the street and say 'Smile, it might never happen' .. used to make me want to punch them on the nose .. but instead I used to smile sheepishly lol

A couple of friends I have spoken to said that others had said they had been in a bad mood when quitting .. they didn't think so at the time but more importantly, it didn't affect their quit.

Tell whoever it is that you might be a little out of character but a bit of encouragement would be helpful!


At least you know who is number 1 on the list when you wanna get that occasional 'process of quitting' RAGE out in the open. Seems like they've given you an open invitation :)


Swear word, 'scusie :)

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