No Smoking Day
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Nowt to shout about!!


I have :-

Restarted my internet connection (twice :rolleyes:) without shouting,

Cleaned the gunk out of my slow cooker without shouting,

Thrown together a cake without shouting,

Put up with neighbours screaming kids all afternoon without shouting.

Cake looks a bit iffy but who cares its edible :p

So I am either ill or actually having a good day?? :confused:

And I am not even remotely interested in smoking. Coo blummy its so amazing to have a calm day for a change, phewie!! Awesome in fact, cos I was so convinced I was having some kind of breakdown, which was very scary. But thinking about it, with 4000 different chemicals coming out of the system, including rocket fuel, cyanide etc. its no wonder some of us go a bit weird, some of us weirder than others lol.

Dunno why I am calm today, some of it is due to being the laziest git ever, spent most of it in bed reading a good book (weell, its cold today). Also gave myself a bit of a lecture about being patient, and reminded myself that I have been contented without smoking before so therefore I can have that again.

Anyway, I know I have loads of bad days to get through yet, and this time tomorrow I could be climbing the walls for a smoke, but just for today, feeling calm and contented, its nice :cool:

Zoe xxxx

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Woohoo go Zoe!!!! You put up with a lot today by the sounds of it!! We're finally at the 1 week mark, go us!!! :D

I even treated myself to a glass of wine (hubby's on feeding duty tonight) and I didn't even have a craving, in fact I think I enjoyed it more!

Did I read u baked a cake?? Mmmmm I wouldn't mind a slice of cake lol ;)

I don't think I've ever baked a cake, must try it sometime :)


Wha.... :eek:

Very quiet post, Zoe. I'm gonna have to ramp it with The Shouty track.

Congrats for your achievement :cool: As you say, there shall be bad days to come but now you know that there's also great ones too :)

Erm...TURN UP THE VOLUME...too quiet :p


Lol Mrs Mash, you are at the 1 Week mark but I, alas, have to wait till 2am :( I am having some wine too though yaha :D

Yep I am indeedy making cake, not done yet, but hope its okay cos its for you and me to eat in the Week 2 room get us, so hope you can stay awake till 2am. Worth it cos its choccy, yums :p And its free for you but £1 per slice for everyone else. Weell, a girl has to make a living somehow lol ;)

I know I am going to complete Week 1 cos if anybody thinks I am going out at this time of night in this cold weather for blooming cigarettes they have another think coming lol!!

Zoe xxxx


Haha Cavalier, love it love it :D You got me to a T. Have you been stalking me :eek:;):D


Lol! Mmmm 2am is a bit late but u did mention chocolate lol!!!

Hope ure enjoying your wine and your exactly right would we want to go outside in the bad weather for something that tastes rotten and ruin our nice clean lungs :D

See u in the week 2 forum :D


Haha Mrs Mash, reckon I will be asleep before 2am lol but do you think its okay to eat chocolate cake for breakfast :eek: I reckon it is cos we can do the healthy eating stuff in Week 3 :D Weell, I can always make carrot cake :p xx


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