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No Smoking Day
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Hi all just wondering were you wear your patch?

Also I have been reduced down to 14mg since i had a weird reaction(Burning sensation) i still have 3 of the 21mg, Im going out saturday and most likely drink a few jager bombs and vodka:rolleyes: this usually =Smoking more so do you think i should goback up to 21mg for that night or risk 14mg? ill have inhaler and refills with me

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May i add....This isnt something that happens every week or even every month since ive became of age i dont drink often


Hi, I wear mine on my butt :D the skin is less sensitive there and my doc said it really doesn't matter where you wear it.

I wouldn't even think about going back to the stronger strength as when you are out it will be the behavioural habit that you are trying to overcome and not the nicotine as your body will already be used to the patch you are on. If you need a boost then suck the inhaler or get some gum - it's very effective at taking any edge off.

Most important of all .. let the smokers go outside without you whilst you are at this vulnerable stage.

Shut your eyes now and paint a picture in your mind of your pals smoking and you and your other non-smoking pals are enjoying yourselves without the fags.

(jager bombs eh!?!)

Well done to you on getting this far.

Now I really must get up and out into the sunshine lol


I also put mine on butt or thigh I found my arms to be very sensitive

Thankyou for the advice regarding the weekend this is gonna be a big test for me


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