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Some Tips to Help with Cravings Later into Your Quit

Hi there, everyone.

I just thought that I'd share a few tips that I've found have helped me through the later stages of my quit. I'm well into my third month now, so I don't get that many cravings anymore. But that's not to say that I'm not tempted once and a while!

I'm a little reluctant to use my inhaler these days -- though I found it invaluable during the early stages of my quit; instead, I found the following has really helped:

Green tea -- when I get the urge, I find a nice cup of green tea with a hint of fresh lime (or lemon) works wonders. Not only does it help with the craving, but it's a great alternative beverage for your health -- plenty of antioxidants! It's also a great way to ensure that you get all that water you need to be drinking.

Dark Chocolate -- If you really feel you deserve a treat, try some dark chocolate. Agian, I've found it really helps relive any cravings and, in small amounts, it's even good for you -- yes, dark chocolate is also a good source of antioxidants! You can get low-fat/low-sugar dark chocolate if your concerned, but as long as you don't go mad, a little bit certainly won't hurt.

Red wine - I don't really drink, but if I really must have alcohol during a meal, I find a glass of wine preferable to anything else. Also, I find a glass of red wine helps cure the odd craving. Again, don't overdo it for obvious reasons, but red wine is another good source of antioxidants. If you don't drink alcohol, grape juice (especially purple grape) and blueberry juice is just as good for antioxidants -- they don't really help relieve cravings, though.

Fruit and veg - These don't really help with cravings as such but if you get the urge -- like me -- to stuff your face from time to time, try chomping on some fruit or veg. I never knew just how delicious apples were until I quit -- and there are loads of different types to try! Fruits and veg are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Try not to overload on high-sugar fruits too much, and don't forget your nuts and berries! Some really good fruits to add to your diet are blueberries, purple grapes, and wallnuts -- these really are super fruits! And there are plenty more!

Hope this helps!

If anyone else has found any healthy substitutes, please do share! :)

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Oh No!!! I Smoked . . .

. . . that salmon a little too much, I think! :eek: Oh well, we live and learn. I forgot to mention that white meats such as fish and chicken can be a great substitute for red meet -- not only is it much leaner, but it's much richer in vitamins too!

How would I describe green tea? Well, it certainly isn't the best tasting beverage in the world! But it is very refreshing -- not unlike strong beer, In a way (you don't really drink beer because you love the taste, do you?). I've found that adding a shot of lime juice (or lemon, if you prefer) really helps give it a kick! I couldn't stand the stuff before I quit, but I drink it quite a bit now -- I find it's really fulfilling.

I've also turned into an apple freak -- I'm absolutely determined to try just about every variety of apple that there is! Again, wouldn't give hoot for one before I stopped smoking. Weird!


Must admit apples do taste much better now I have quit. In fact all foods are tastier - especially fish, mostly mackrel and tuna. Even celery tastes much stronger!

I have thus mixed them all together with pasta and rice and made superb meals of late. MMMMMMMMMMM :)


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