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Sneezing and Tickly Throat?

I'm sure these 'symptoms' are due to my nicotine inhaler rather than quitting the smokes. . .

When I use it, I get a tickling in my throat, and if I breath out through my nose, it makes me sneeze. :)

I've only had this since I stated using the inhaler more often (I use about 3 cartridges a day, now, if I don't use my oral spray at all). I'm on day 12 of my quit, now.

I'm not really sure if I'm using it right -- I tend to puff on it rather hard, very much like I'm smoking a pipe or cigar . . . or probably more like a dummy! :D Is this ok, or should I be 'smoking' it like a cigarette?

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Hi :) From experience and what I've read, I'd say don't try to inhale it into your lungs - the vapour sort of seeps through the roof of your mouth to give you that "hit" immediately. I know what you mean though, "smoking it" feels more natural and does help a bit, but it makes me cough/sneeze too.

Keep it up though, you're doing awesome :)



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