Day 43 - Champix

Hey all,

I dont even know what to write guess that is a good thing!!!

Sat morning I forgot to take my morning dose of Champix. By the time i realised it was already noon. So i skipped it and then at 8PM realised I forgot my evening dose. I took it Sunday and back into it again...but maybe that is a good sign.

Even went out to start my truck and the thing was dead...battery drained...and instead of immediately thinking of having a was replaced by swearing and stomping...LMAO

One of the things i have noticed though, is that i'm not tired as much. I used to nap after supper almost every i havent in the longest time. My energy level is up big time.

Thats all i got...boring i know! lol

Thanks for reading


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  • Great to hear that all of the "9th September" lot are still here! Well done!

    I think the big trigger now is probably a feeling of "what now" once the initial few months is over. I'm really hoping I can get over this one, as we've definately broken the back of it now!

  • Hi samartel,

    Congrats on getting to Day 43, awesome:cool:

    I have also forgotten my Champix a few times too, not sure if it made any difference, but like you I'm still taking it anyway as a bit of 'loft insulation':D

    and instead of immediately thinking of having a was replaced by swearing and stomping...LMAO

    Isn't it great that we can lose our tempers without wanting to smoke? AND we can shout louder at peeps:p


  • Barney,

    I know the feeling....what next is right? I guess the what next is discovering all the things i didnt do when smoking...


    So true...and for some reason...swearing now is wayyyyy more fulfilling...LMAO

    Later guys!


  • Hi, congrats!

    I have stopped taking my Champix altogether now. Stupidly forgot a few a week ago, then left them here whilst abroad all last week, and got on fine an now on day 53. I will remain vigilant but don't seem to need the Champix.


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