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Day 4 - unbelievable

Well it's midday on Day 4 going CT and feeling good...all the nicotine has left my body, and funnily enough the cold sweats and "foggy" head have also gone so it must have been the nicotine withdrawal I was going through rather than the other stuff I've got at the mo..... I had to get up early today to take my son to a Birthday Party at Wacky Warehouse for 9.00am this morning. Got up really quick...didn't moan or bitch like I used to and although I haven't been sleeping a lot lately, I felt I had more energy and was more wide awake today than I have ever felt in ages. I normally can't even talk to my OH for at least half an hour in the morning when I was smoking and then it'd be just a grunt.

It was really nice not to feel embarassed or guilty of asking other mums to look after my son for 5 mins whilst I have a ciggie half way through the party...and then come back in a while later just knowing I stunk of cigarettes.

Anyway, going to enjoy my sunday dinner now (and see what one actually tastes like)....have a relaxing sunday. Lisa XXXX

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Well done Lisa,

It's amazing how much difference just a few days without nicotine can make:D

You are doing brilliantly:D

And enjoy that Sunday dinner:p

Zoe xx


Well done Lisa. glad to hear your sounding more upbeat and cracking on with your quit.

Mash x


Lisa, you're doing SO well. Its good to see the benefits great are you going to feel in another 4 days time?

Have a great Sunday



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