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Champix - Day 18-20

I have never felt this good. I didnt know what it was, I know its not smoking ;), but i couldnt put my finger on the one thing that was making me feel the best until last night.

Its the stink. Went shopping and there were people outside the store smoking. I was thinking how vile is that smell. I noticed it wafting into the car. It lingered a bit longer than i thought it ever did. I realise i sit at my desk not stinking, i shop without stinking, i make out with my wife because I DONT

Dreams are still vivid as heck (but fewer and further between). The other night i had a dream that I was in a setting like the movie Tron, and had the battle the guy from House...LMAO...needless to say i kicked his butt. But I woke up heart racing, sweating, like i had actually done it.

Oh, and the milk thing, may not be true. I had cereal yesterday for breaky and I was fine, no upset stomache. I'm trying to figure out if its related to eating bigger meals. I feel full all the time on Champix, maybe that is causing it.

Ramblings are done...thanks for reading


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Great, Samartel, you are doing really well.

The whole issue with the "smokers smell" is strange - I wish I had been as aware of stinking as much as I am now aware of not stinking! Standing in a lift yesterday, I felt really pleased that I wasn't offending anyone else. But in 40 years of smoking and using lifts, it had never worried me at all!


Well done Samartel,

I know how you feel about the smell. The first time I went to the local shop at lunchtime I got a whiff of stale smoke from the ashtrays outside the cafe. and I had no idea that's what I had probably smelt like phew..... :o

Talking of dreams there is an advert on the telly for cheese with this silly mouse that approaches kids to play games for some of their cheese. I had a dream the other day with him in it and woke up with the music in my head and the saying 'cheddar be cheds, cheds be cheddar'. I could not get this out of my head all day it drove me crackers :D

Keep going you are doing fantastic



Thanks guys.

I'm glad to hear other peoples

Its odd though...i can now smell smoke off others that "never existed" before. I cant go back to that.



Well done, Samartel!

I was driving back fro the supermarket earlier along a dual carriege-way. With the weather being so... weird... I had the windows down and every few hundred yards, I would catch a whiff of ciggie smoke. It can only have been other people in their cars, I never realised that the smoke drifted that far! :eek:


My 1st reply

Remembering the dreams is one of the best parts of the process. Sometimes I actually wake up, decide what to do and return to the same dream to change its course (only on rare occaions but definetly cool).

And the smell. I am never aware of what I smell like, but one of the reasons whcih convinced me to stop is my CEO, he smelled so bad at times that I couldn´t help i stink too?

great reading your post. best of luck.

Smoked 17 years, about 20-25 a day. Stopped on Sept. 12 2011, Champix. Hope to survive the long run.

A pack a day will keep the ladies away ; )


Well done, great to see you doing so well and sounding so upbeat.

You're right about the smell - I can smell a smoker at 20 paces. It's terrible and I never knew I was like that. It's not the actual smoke as they are smoking that I find the problem, it's the stale smell in their clothes, hair, breathe etc. I know immediately if I'm sitting next to a smoker on a bus or if one comes in a shop I'm in.

I had the Champix dreams too. They were weird. They were incredibly vivid, but involved a re-run of the events that day so reality and dreams started to blur into each other as I wasn't sure when I woke up if I'd actually done it or dreamt it. I remember one morning looking around the apartment for a tiger cub because I'd dreamt I'd bought one in the market I'd been to the previous day.

By the way, I'm two years off cigarettes today - it can be done. You've got over the first hurdle. Keep doing what you're doing, enjoy your successes, feel proud, keep posting and keep quit.



Congrats Cyprien!!!

Yeah, my dreams have been doing that lately...warping my sense of reality...

I'm going to post a new one where i'll explain more.

Thanks for the kind words everyone!!



"Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find that you have crossed the mountain.


well done samartel!

It's been just over 3 weeks quit for me & still find it very odd when I smell a smoker.... did I really smell that bad???!! :eek: It seems to smell sooo much different when you're a non-smoker!


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