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on day 22 newbie

well done three weeks now and can say i feel alot better, week one felt like i was on drugs, head in the clouds most of the day, really out of it , but didnt find it hard , week two same but not as away with the fairies, weeks three not going well really craving irritable , infact just fell out with the other half, just generally hating it , i smoked for 23 years and was smoking 50 to 60 per day when i stopped , i was having trouble breathing , think i had a chest infection and it gave me the scare i needed to stop, have tryed every possible thing to stop previously champix .patches. hypnotist you name it and its not worked so im cold turkey this time, im sure it will get better but god its hard :mad:

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Hang in there billybob,

You are doing so well. If you need a rant come on here and rant, if you need some praise we will give it.

Just remember we know how it feels

Keep up the great work

Lingy :)


Hi Billy well done to you, you are doing really well. It will get better I promise but it will take time, it's early days yet.

Like you I done cold turkey, and smoked for 35 years:eek: over 7 months now for me and its the best thing I ever done for myself. I am not saying it was easy but it will get better every day.

If ever you want advice just ask there is always some body here to help.

Best wishes



thanks lingy and betty boop ,did think initially it was to easy , and i think being of work isnt helping me with the cravings, to much time to myself, what inspires me to keep of the cigarettes is the reason i stopped in the first place, i had felt very breathless for a week or so and every roll up was painfull on my chest , to the point it was getting worrying, i had smoked for 23 years but im only 37 years old and generally been fit and healthy all my days, so when i crave badly i think of the pain in my chest that i had and that reminds me of the reason i stopped, oh and within 4 days of stopping my chest was back to normal:D


Well done Billybob. Keep it up.

Shouldn't you be in the "first month" section by now? I will be day 21 tomorrow and although it seems a bit "previous" (to quote Arthur Daley) it seems to be the only home as there is no Week 4 section.

I'm looking forward to it......


Hey billybob,

Way to go! You are strong to do it, remember that. This addiction is so hard to quit, but after 3 weeks, why ever go back.

In one of my posts i realised i saved $100 in a week. From what you say, it would be $200-$250 a saving around $600-$750 dollars already. Buy an android tab or ipad as a reward and use up your extra time fiddling around on that....although they are addictions too ;)

Plus, think of how nice it is to take a deep breath and not caugh a lung up.

You are doing awesome. This forum has been great for me. Reading stories liek yours and many others make quiting easier. Plus, use it to vent...most have already gone through it or are going through it with you. We are a community to help each other

Congrats again



Hi BB. Sounds like you have made a great start. You really have done the hardest bit now, (so no going back!) but as you will know from previous attempts, you need to remain aware of the risks and potential pitfalls. You will feel better for it in the long run.


mornings are getting easier, not finding it anywhere near as hard as a couple of days ago, funny though youd think after 3 weeks your body would just give up craving, noticed big difference in smell yesterday , went to look at furniture and old guy that was selling it was a smoker, jesus he stank really really badly, makes you think what did everyone think of how you smelt in your smoking days:)


moving to first month see everyone there:)


I'm in day 27. Been having indigestion issues. My left side of my head feels weird. I feel drunk. I feel like I'm gonna pass out.


You OK neicy? The indigestion is common but the other stuff isn't and sounds potentially serious! If you still feel like this I think you should see a doctor.


I agree Neicy1977 that doesn't sound good at all.  Get medical help if you still feel that way.  Better safe than sorry.


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